Status Inactive
Roleplayed By Warriorcatsivyleaf
Gender Male
Age 6 Years
Pack Hounds Of Odious (Past)
Rank Unknown
Mentor None
Trainee None
Mate/Crush Unknown
Mother Erika, a pure white wolf with specs of silver lined along her muzzle and paws; dark amber eyes and large ears.
Father Dwayne, a huge tan wolf with large amber eyes and white specs near his paws and mouth.
Brothers Jake, a tan and white mottled medium sized wolf with hazel eyes.
Sisters Amanda, a white wolf with amber eyes and long legs.
Sons Erik, a small black pup with blue eyes.
Daughters Edith, a small brown and white pup with dark amber eyes.
Grand-Sons None
Grand-Daughters None
Personality Alexander is a hot-headed brute with a stubborn attitude. He, however, can be extremely caring despite how sarcastic he is. He is actually quite lovable and loves to joke around with his friends.
History Alexander was born with schizophrenia since day one. He has had trouble with talking to others or explaining his feelings, and especially deals with paranoia. Sometimes he will break down and just fall apart, and other times he will be the most strong wolf you've known. His father had died before he had been born, and his mother died of blood loss at birth. He was nurtured by a couple rogues until he could move on and find a new pack of his own to live in.
Advantages Extremely good hearing and eyesight, long legs to make him run very quick, a bite force of 1,492 at most.
Disadvantages Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Paranoia.

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