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(Staff members from left to right are: Kiirox [former], Hallxween, Eyota, SamdiTheNotSoGreat, Aztelle, [former] XMysticWolvesx [former] Ham & Cheese Omen, Lyøn, NohrianKitsune, and Primrøse [former])

We are currently in the process of removing 'Neutral', from our title, as we now accept all groups regardless of orientation.

This Wiki is open for every Animal Jam roleplayer who have tolerance for all roleplay types; from the darkest to the lightest realms. Our audience is expected to handle more mature topics such as gore, sexual themes, and other topics not generally accepted in our other communities. This Wiki targeted towards all groups who wish to have the freedom to type what they want, roleplay what they want, and post what they want (within reason). If you are new to our Wiki, please take a moment to read through our policies.

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You can add to our 101,890 edit count by helping out the current 270 articles we host here on the AJGW; or, you could even create your own group/character page!

Here, you also have the freedom to create blog posts on any subject, or join the various discussions on our forum.

If you're interested in contributing towards something more specific, we suggest you contact the staff (listed directly below) to see if there is anything you can assist with.

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These are the current wonderful staff here on the Animal Jam's Groups Wiki. If you are interested in applying for rights, please visit this page. If you're curious and want to find out a little bit more about the staff, look here.

Bureaucrat/s - Eyota

Administrator/s - Eyota, Lyøn

Content Moderator/s - N/A

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Discussions Moderator/s - SamdiTheNotSoGreat

Chat Moderator/s - Hallxween, NohrianKitsune, Ham & Cheese Omen

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