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Basic Information

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Founder: Pebble/Jammer1grzf
Founding Date: January 2016
Accepting: Accepting alliances & recruits.
Tag Color: Dark blue
Server: Asaro
Season: Leaf-fall
Leader: Thistlestar/rosegirl37
Camp: kdertyr's den
Realm: Light
Beliefs: StarClan
Language: All, except anatomy & latin.
Clan Theme Song: Dead Hearts - Stars
Page Editors: Goldinc, ThePrickliestPear, Cringefest



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You had decided it was a good day to go exploring.

Your pads began to ache as you scrambled over rocks. A river rushing by at the edge of your vision, the splashing water roared in your ears as you concentrated on your paw steps. Your stomach grew heavy with hunger as you gazed up at the clear blue sky, the sun hanging high over head. Leaves rustled as you leaped away from the waters edge and ran alone the forest line. Time seemed to pass quickly as your stomach began to rumble louder and louder each minute. Your paws ached and your eyelids were heavy. Scrambling to a stop, you gazed around at the unfamiliar territory. Your nose twitched as cat scent bathed your tongue. Uneasiness made your skin crawl as you bounded into the trees. Your paws began to drag as you drew farther and farther into the forest. You stumble over a bramble bush, tumbling down into a hollow. A sour tang hung in the air. Fox.

Your pelt rippled with fear as you got to your paws. You held back a yowl of pain as you put weight on your hind leg. You tried to scramble up the steep wall of the hollow but you fell back, your injured leg unbalancing you. A red-orange pelt flashed at the back of the hollow. The fox prowled towards you, its lips curled back in a half smile half snarl. You hesitated, desperate to get away. Before you could move, the fox lunged, sinking its jaws into your injured leg. You screeched, your vision getting hazy as pain seared through your leg. A battle cry sounded at the edge of the hollow. Four cat figures spilled into the hollow, hurling themselves at the fox. You gasped in relief as the fox released your leg. You lay your head on the ground, to weak to keep your eyes open.

You blinked open your eyes, strange scents overwhelmed you as you struggled in the nest made of moss and ferns. A she-cat sat beside you, laying her paw on your flank to calm you. "You need rest." she murmured. You lay your head back down, but you were to restless to sleep. The she-cat disappeared through the entrance, returning a few moments later with a chunk of soaked moss hanging from her jaws. She dropped the moss by your muzzle. "Drink it." she ordered. Her brown pelt was still a fuzzy haze as you lapped at the moss. Your head began to pound, and you quickly lay your head back down. "I'm Thistlestar, whats your name?" she asked calmly. You struggled to open your mouth but you forced your name out. "Would you like to join my clan?" she asked, her smooth voice lulling you to relax. You nodded stiffly. "Welcome to Craneclan!"


Roleplay Times

x Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Pacific Time
Mountain Time
Central Time
Atlantic Time

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I join another group when the leader is offline?

A: No, it is strictly forbidden to double-clan. If you're caught doing so you will be exiled.

Q: Are rogue names allowed?

A: Yes, but we prefer warrior names.

Q: When do we roleplay?

A: Whenever the leader says so.



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>>Warrior Code<<

You are expected to always follow the warrior code in CraneClan.


If you are to cause in roleplay drama without the leader's consent, you will be given a warning. Any offense after that, you will be exiled.


Double grouping is NOT allowed in CraneClan. If you are caught double grouping, you will be exiled.


We are strictly a domestic feline only Clan. There will be no special exceptions.


We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. If you're caught discriminating against someone for their sexuality, race, gender or age, you will be exiled.


You may only have one active OC at a time. If you wish to switch OCs, please speak to the leader before doing so. After switching, you MUST keep that OC for at least three weeks before you're allowed to kill it off and make a new one.


If you're caught editing the page without direct permission you will be given a warning, then you will be exiled.





The Leader is the most powerful cat in the entire Clan. They are to be shown the highest amount of respect, any disrespect shown to them will get you immediately demoted.

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The deputies are the second in command of the Clan. Although they don't have as much power as the leader, they are to be respected.

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Medicine Cats are very important to every Clan. They make sure that the Clan is kept healthy and speak to the ancestors. They are to be shown the highest amount of respect.

Medicine Cat Apprenticex2


These cats are the future medicine cats of the Clan. They may make a few mistakes, but they're still learning, after all.


Warriors are the backbone of the Clan. They fight and hunt for the Clan, they also train the novices. No Clan could survive without them.

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Apprentices are the warriors-in-training. To be a novice, you have to be at least six moons old.


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Queens are a very important member of the Clan. They have litters of kits, making sure that the Clan will live on for generations.



Kits are the future warriors, medcats, and maybe even leaders of the Clan. They tend to get into trouble, so they are to be kept a close eye on.

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The elders are the oldest members of the Clan. They are to be given a high amount of respect, for they have been through a lot.



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Member Count: 9


Name Username Gender Short Description Mate
Thistlestar Rosegirl37 Female Thistlestar has a dark brown pelt, with a brightish-dark brown underbelly. Her entire body is covered in pale brown patches, and she has striking green eyes. Arcaneclaw


Name Username Gender Short Description Mate
Tallshadow darito22 Male TBA N/A
Arcaneclaw beefwolf12 Male Arcaneclaw has a dark brown pelt with black markings dappling his pelt, he has a pale underbelly and sharp amber eyes Thistlestar

Medicine Cat(s)

Name Username Gender Short Description Mate
Shellstep kdertyr Female Shellstep is a slender white she-cat with ivory-colored tabby markings all over her body. Her underbelly is tan, and it goes up to her muzzle. N/A
Cherryfrost Jrmooski Female Cherryfrost is a lean, swift, long haired, brown redish tabby with blue green eyes. N/A
Pinefoot thegamerofthecentury Male Large, brown thick pelted tom, light green optics, pale brown leaf pattern dappling his pelt, and and a very bushy tail. N/A

Medicine Cat Apprentice(s)

Name Username Gender Short Description Mentor
Darkenedpaw poptropic95914 Female Darkenedpaw is a lean black she-cat with a white tip on her tail. She has yellow orbs and no markings whatsoever on her. Shellstep


Name Username Gender Short Description Mate
Autumnleaf swirlygem Male Autumnleaf is a burnt sienna pelt with splashes of tan all over his body, His underfur is a cream color. He wears a crown of autum leaves, and his eyes are ghostly white. Even though they ARE white he is not blind, just a bit blurry in one eyes, his left eye. N/A
Bluestep Leeloupie Male Bluestep is a plain Russian blue with a hint of grey, N/A
Crowtalon Effive Male Crowtalon is black with a white chest and grey spots and sharp blue eyes N/A
Hawkleaf gixxer123 Male Hawkwing is a dark brown with a brighter brown underbelly with pale markings dappling his pelt and strong brown eyes N/A
Mothwhisper Jammer1grzf Female Mothwhisper is a silver Abssyinian she-cat (pale almost white grey overcoat with a large light grey splash across the back and at the tip of the ears, white underbelly), with alabaster eyes, a defined head and a rather lanky build. She has a long tassel that reaches the ground, and is fairly tall in stature. N/A


Name Username Gender Short Description Mentor
Lunapaw kittycatastery Female Lunapaw is a black female cat with rare blue patches,she also has greens eyes. Arcaneclaw
Thunderpaw vinewolf06 Female Tunderpaw is dark brown main pelt, white underbelly, and Dark grey stripes TBA


Name Username Gender Short Description Mate


Name Username Gender Short Description Parent(s)
Hollykit Jammer0b41d Male Holly kit is a pure ebony tom with green eyes. N/A
Petalkit Xxtaintedxx Male Long-haired, pale brown Persian tom-kit with a flattened muzzle and a thick, bushy tail. N/A


Name Username Gender Short Description Mate


Deceased Cats

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List of cats who have served our clan.


















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Miscellaneous Information

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Accepted Fur Colors

Accepted Eye Colors

If item is bolded, it is for non-members ONLY.

Head Neck Back Legs Tail
Flower Crown Spiked Collar Worn Blanket Legendary Glove Nothing
Spring Flower Crown Leaf Necklace Elf Armor Spiked Wristband
Fox Hat Jamaaliday Scarf Jamaaliday Bow Regular Glove
Skull Helmet Nothing Pirate Sword Leg Armor
Head Flower Nothing Freedom Bands
Nothing Elf Bracelets

"It doesn't matter what clan your in as long as you respect mine, I'll respect yours." - Tallstar

"Firestorm, listen here and listen well.There is a consequence for every action.You must face your consequences like a true warrior and make your clan proud" - Tallstar

"Though a path is broken, you may always repair it." - Blizzardstorm

"We didn't come all this way just to turn back, our Clan is as beautiful as the sunset" - Brightpool

"I live for moons and moons, so if anyone says life isn't worth it,they're wrong. Life is the best gift you could receive." - Cleartail

"This clan has roots. It may be sprayed with poison at the moment but the roots are still there. Once the hard times are over we will rise into the skies once more, for we are CraneClan!" -MeadowPelt

"There is no sunny day without a dark night.You have to take the good with the bad." - Nightfrost

"Some people say sharing your feelings makes you weak. I say hiding your feelings makes you a coward." -Nightfrost

"I train for moons and moons all that hard work gets paid off once I become a warrior. I'll protect my clan, even if I risk my life. I will make mistakes, but you learn from your mistakes. If someone messed up terribly and they were your friend, there's always forgive and forget"-Goldenpaw

"It's not about having the sharpest claws or the most vicious jaws.. it's about having a big brain and a bigger heart." -Nightfrost

"Family isn't always based on blood, it can be based on a bond, a friendship. Family doesn't always mean your born into it, it means you love the people you grew with, the people who raised you, don't ask for anything more then love from the people who care for you most." -Iriskit



Joining Forum



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Desired Rank:

Past Residence (try to name as many as possible):

Description of OC

Do you have a OC Page:

Roleplay Example: (More than just one sentence):

Free chat (yes or no):

Alliance Request

Group/clan/pack name:


Leader's name:

Leader's Username:

Second in Command's name:

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How will we benefit?:

How will you benefit?



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Note: Old news will be deleted and posted here

[Format is MM/DD/YY]

11/15/16 - Hey you hecks guess what's back

11/16/16 - We welcome Arcaneclaw, Shellstep, Dusktail, Autumnleaf, Bluestep, Hawkleaf, Crowtalon, Lunapaw, Darkenedpaw, and Heronkit!

11/20/16 - We welcome Pinefoot, Cherryfrost, Mothwhisper, Thunderpaw, Hollykit, and Petalkit! But, with the coming of new cats, sadly, Heronkit has left Craneclan. May Starclan light her path and lead her to another clan that she can call home.