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Gingerstar has put EmberClan on hold for a while due to her getting caught up in school work. She WILL however be joining another clan/pack if you wish to stay in contact with her. I love you all, and I hope you respect our desision. NOTE: EmberClan is NOT disbanded, and will start up again in the future. I promise you that.

-Love, Gingerstar

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The Hot Sun Beamed Down Onto Your Sand And Wind Ruffed Pelt. You Panted Out Of Desperation To Find Water And Shelter. You Looked Over The Sun-Washed Horizon. The Air Cooled Slightly As The Bright Yellow Light Dipped Behind The Mountains, Which Lead The Sky To Become A Soothing, Purple Glow. You Turned Your Head Away, Knowing That There Would Be No More Action From The Sun.

In Doing So, You Set Your Gaze Onto The Beautiful Landscape Below, Where You Noticed A Change In The Terrain. You Started Towards It. You Stood In Awe At The Edge Of The Cliff That Lead Down Into A Beautiful Waterfall Canyon. A Pounding Waterfall Thundered On The Far Side Of The Small Stone Valley Into A Crystal Blue Pond. A Red Sand Beach Lined The Gentle Lapping Water And Autumn Trees Lined The Other Side Of The Gorge. You Quickly Started Down The Steep Slope. Your Paws Slipping On Small Pebbles As You Went. You Ran To The Water, Lapping At The Cool Liquid. A Twig Snapped, And Your Head Jolted Up, Scanning The Clearing Nervously.

Its.. Its just the wind.. You Thought Nervously, Leaning Back Down To Face The Water.

Before You Could Get Another Drink, You Were Suddenly Tackled By A Large, Gray And Ginger Chimeric Tom. His Powerful Claws Dug Into Your Shoulders And He Hissed At You,

"Who are you and what is your buisness here." You Shuddered, Lashing Your Tail In Fear Across The Stone. "I- I'm {OC Name}.. I was lost.. I just found this canyon and came for a drink.. I mean no harm."

You Averted Your Gaze From The Tom. A Nearby Rustle Made You And The Tom Glance Into The Trees, Were A White And Copper She-Cat Emerged From The Brush With A Black Tom And Small Gray And Blue She-Cat. The Copper Feline Nodded To The Chimeric Tom And He Hesitantly Got Off And Joined The Black Tom.

You Got To Your Paws And Looked At The Copper She-Cat. She Smiled At You, "Hello, there. I am Quickmaple, Deputy of Emberclan. If your lost, your welcome to rest up at our camp." The Chimeric Tom Opened His Jaws To Protest, But The Black Tom Flicked His Tail For Him To Refrain. You Looked At Them In Confusion. The Lead Feline Turned, And Lead You Through The Autumn Forest.

The Smaller She-Cat Ran Up To You, And Quietly Meowed.

"Hi. Im Shiverpaw. You will be safe at EmberClan camp. Don't mind Bansheescreech, He is all yowl-no bite. Literally." She Grinned And Nodded Towards The Gray And Ginger Tom. 

"His companian is Spiderbranch. He is an Elite Warrior." Shiverpaw Spoke As If Being An Elite Was A Huge Honor.

After A While Of Walking, You Reached A Lush, Green Camp. Bansheescreech Pulled Back The Ferns And Frowned At You As You Past. Shiverpaw Strutted Behind You As The Group Herded You Into The Camp. Quickmaple Gestured For You To Stay There While She Darted Up A Large Fallen Tree That Was Leaned Upon Another Massive Spruce.

A Few Moments Later, The Deputy Returned With A Ginger Calico With Brownish Patches. She Held Her Stance, And You Could Tell She Was Of High Respect. Instinctivly, You Bowed Your Head At The She-Cat. She Smiled Warmly At You.

"Hello there. I'm Gingerstar, The leader of EmberClan." She Jestured Around The Clearing. "Quickmaple told me you are lost. Correct? Your welcome to make your home here with us, with the exeption of following our laws of course."

You Were Stunned By Her Offer. You Had Needed A Clan For A While Now, And Now Was Your Chance. You Nodded Eagerly And Bowed Once Again To Gingerstar In Thanks.

"Welcome to EmberClan."

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Founding Date: 04-08-2016
Founder: Captinbary135
Current Leader: Gingerstar {Captinbary135}
Current Deputy: Quickmaple {XxBoomerBlastxX}
Member Count: 14
Total # Of OCs Allowed: Three
Tag Color//Badge: White//Pawprint
Realm: Neutral
Activity: Postponed
Recruiting: Yes!
Theme: Raging Fire- Phillip Phillips

08/7/2k16- We redid the whole wiki due to gliches.

09/3/2k16- Shiverpaw is now a warrior! Congrats Shiverstep!

09/4/2k16- Gingerstar and Spiderbranch are now mates!


Currently None!


🔥Follow the Warrior Code🔥

Read and follow these rules of conduct- Warrior Code



No editing the wiki without permission.



Please do not cuss. This goes for AnimalJam, Wiki, and Skype. You MAY however use Warrior Cat slang such as "Mouse-Brain" and "Fox-Dung".



Powerplaying will not be tolorated. "NN" and "NM" is also related to powerplaying. You will be given one warning, and if it happens again, exile.



Double-Clanning is strictly forbidden. Please keep your tag color and badge the assigned color and symbol so you will not be accused of Double Clanning.



You must be active to stay in EmberClan. If you are leaving for a long period of time, please tell us before you go so you won't be removed from the list. 


🔥Slideshow of IRL OCs🔥

🔥Leader🔥 {1/1}

The Leader is the head of the clan. She/He gives ceremonys and makes decisions for the clan.

Name Gender Description Username Mate
Gingerstar Female Ginger Tabby/Calico She-Cat With Ocean Blue Eyes. Captinbary135 Spiderbranch


🔥Deputy🔥 {1/1}

The Deputy is the second-in-command of the clan. They assign patrols and help assigning mentors.

Name Gender Description Username Mate
Quickmaple Female White She-Cat With Copper-Colored Orange Tabby Top And Amber Eyes. XxBoomerblastxX N/A


🔥Co-Deputy🔥 {1/1}

The Co-Deputy takes place of the Deputy when the Deputy is offline.

Name Gender Description Username Mate
Duskfur Female Dark Brown Tabby With Black Markings And Amber Eyes. Duskfur30 N/A


🔥Elite Warriors🔥 {4/7}

The Elite Warriors are the top warriors in the clan chosen by the Leader. They are at the front of the battle lines and are the first of the warriors to fight. They give the Apprentices their final assesments.

Name Gender Description Username Mate
Spiderbranch Male Pure Black Tom With Blue Eyes. Amoniwolf Gingerstar
Snowbird Female Snowbird is a Ragdoll, With Stunning Blue Eyes Dawn3802 N/A
Pandora Female Pandora is a majestic, dominant Black Somali cat, with a black undercoat and a silver pelt. Dark gray splotches drape over her build. Stunning, ghastly white eyes. merpink N/A
Adder Male --- XxBoomerblastxX N/A


🔥Medicine-Cats🔥 {1/2}

The Medicine Cats are the healers of the clan. Often refered to "MedCat", "Meddy" or "Medic". This rank rarely fights, but is always trained just incase.

Name Gender Description Username Mate Apprentice
Nightsong Female Nightsong Is A Beautiful Smokey Gray Turkish Angora With Black Stripes And Stunning Maize Colored Eyes. XxboomerblastxX N/A None Currently


🔥Medicine-Cat Apprentices🔥 {0/2}

The Medicine-Cat Apprentices are the furture healers of the clan. They are trained by the Med-Cats and take their mentors place when they pass away, or a space opens up.

Name Gender Description Username Mate Mentor
--- --- --- --- --- ---


🔥Warriors🔥 {5/Unlimited}

Warriors are the main fighters and hunters in the clan. They train Apprentices, defend the camp, and protect the clan with their lives. 

Name Gender Description Username Mate
Bansheescreech Male Gray And Ginger Dappled Chimeric Tom With Lime Green Eyes. Amoniwolf N/A
Quietsoul Female Quietsoul Has Light Cream Fur With Black And Brown Markings. She Has Beautiful Amber Eyes. Dawn3802 N/A
Frost Female Silver And White Tabby With Icy, Light Blue Eyes. Duskfur30 N/A
Shiverstep Female Shiverstep Is A Light Gray She-Cat With Dark Grayish Blue Markings Across Her Flank. She Has Sharp, Ocean-Blue Eyes. Captinbary135 N/A
Aqua Female --- Amethest104 N/A


🔥Apprentices🔥 {0/Unlimited}

Apprentices are the future Warriors of EmberClan. They each have their own mentor and are trained until they have proved themselves ready.

Name Gender Description Username Mentor
Quailpaw Male --- Cheetahlover900 Duskfur


🔥Queens🔥 {0/Unlimited}

The Queens are either expecting or nursing kits. The Queens take care of all the kits.

Name Gender Description Username Kits Mate
--- --- --- --- --- ---


🔥Kits🔥 {1/Unlimited}

Kits are the youngest of EmberClan. At 6 moons they are ranked up to Apprentice and begin their training.

Name Gender Description Username Parents
Hallowkit Male Black Tom With Ginger/Orange Underbelly And Amber Eyes. Amoniwolf Spiderbranch (Father)


🔥Elders🔥 {0/Unlimited}

The Elders are the worn, retired, and wise cats who have left their days of battles and training to live the rest of their lives relaxed and stress free.

Name Gender Description Username Mate


Head- FoxHat, Skull, FlowerCrown, or Nothing.

Neck- Rare Spike (Short or Long), Non-Rare Spike, Leaf Necklace, or Nothing

Back- Spartan Armor, Elf Armor, Jamaliday Bows, Worns, or Nothing

Feet- Elf Bracelets (Cuffs), Leaf Bracelets, Legandary Gloves, or Nothing

Tail- Elf Tail Armor or Nothing



Head- FoxHat, Or Nothing.

Neck- Heart Locket, Any NM Leaf Necklace, Jamaliday Scarf, Moon Necklace, or Nothing

Back- Pirate Sword, Worn, or Nothing

Feet- Any NM Leaf Bracelet, NM Glove, or Nothing

Tail- Nothing.


🔥Acceptable Forms🔥

Warriors & Up- Wolf Form

Apprentice- Fox {Member}, Bunny {Non-Member}

Kit- Bunny





+The Sundown Canyon+

{Kimbra Outback}

The Sundown Canyon is EmberClan's most prized territory. The sun nearly always blazes down onto the rocks, causing them to be warm through the seasons. EmberClan cats are very fond of swimming in the river and watching the sunset from the cliff tops.


All kinds of birds

Mice, voles, small rodents

Kangaroo rats

Small reptiles

{Add Slideshow here later}


🔥Joining Us?🔥

~AnimalJam Username-

~Character Name-

~Character Gender-

~Character Description-

~Desired Rank-

~Past Clans/Packs-

~How you found EmberClan-

~Battle Roleplay Example-

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-Healing Roleplay Example*-

~Loyalty Promise-

~Picture of OC-


Only applies to Med-cat applications*


🔥Alliance Application🔥

~Clan/Pack/Group Name-

~Leader(s) Name & Username-

~Deputy(s) Name & Username-

~Number Of Members-

~How did you find EmberClan?-

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~How will we benifit?-


🔥Wiki Editor Application🔥

~Wiki Username-


~Main EmberClan OC-

~Skill in Wiki Editing-

~Link to pages you have edited-

~How long have you been in EmberClan?-



Group Name Leader(s)//Username(s) Deputy(s)//Username(s) Member Count Realm
TreeClan Pinestar//Risingstorms Neutral
WitheredClan Mockingstar//Attiecat22 Raven//Estelic Alot o.o Dark
CaveClan Echostar//Oceansparks N/A//N/A 3 Neutral


Group Name Leader(s)//Username(s) Deputy(s)//Username(s) Member Count Realm
None None None None None


Wiki Username-AJ Username-OC Name

Captinbary135 Captinbary135 Gingerstar
VermilionVices merpink Pandora

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