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As we are chased, we chase others. We run from what we ourselves yearn to cause- Expiry. My-my, how ironic these lively minigames can be, wouldn't you agree?



"We, the chained runners, are not only in a mad dash to escape from the bisection of mind and body, we ourselves are the indefinite cause of a smaller form of this reaping- yet we ourselves are nonetheless haunted by such supposedly inevitable fate. We, the chased, are also the chasers. It almost appears to resemble that of a chain, one after another, we are endlessly captivated by the binds of emaciation and decimation as we heed to prolong what is within our grasp.


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You felt your visionaries weakly try to serve you in sight as consciousness flooded through your mind. Your lashes untangled themselves from their methodical array as your eyes slowly opened.


You were... In a state of purity. Where was the pain? Where was the agony? For not long ago, your paw had slipped and sent you tumbling to your untimely demise. But you were at peace. Everything was fine.


As sight was restored, it lay upon something far from settling. A mangled hound whose jowls splayed open against the cold stone in an expression of glazed terror. The pelt was all too familiar even you hardly ever saw it. The face was something always there but rarely seen.


Your body.


Emotion flooded into your now spiritual essence. When you fell, you fell downward, but your memories reeled forward. Growing up, parents, family, friends, memories. All on play, but hitting pause as soon as your cranium made contact with the ground. You were dead. That was your body.

What came next?

You felt a presence loom behind you. An eternal gateway to darkness or light. Your head slowly turned to see darkness looming behind you. It hunched over as sightless eyes raked over your bare and true soul. It squinted, extending a shadowy wing. What was on the other side?


Not ready.

You felt your paws guide you back as the being simply stared at you, waiting for you to accept your fate. But this was not the fate you desired. This fate was chosen for you. This wasn’t what you wanted.

Not ready.

You turned and sprinted down the path, feeling senses being restored as you panted with weary and ran with fear. An unbearable weight slammed your flank and a cry escaped your mouth.

Not ready.

You pressed forward, ignoring the impending doom that heaved upon you.

Not ready.

You saw a flash, a figure. Running next to you. Hounds, with beaming souls exposed like yours. Your eyes caught hold of the lead hound, a simply angelic being whose gaze made your presence quaver. Beautiful essense who spoke lyrically.

“Come with me.”

A smile quirked at your jowls as your soul beamed in acceptance. You were not ready for this fate. Death must come again later, but this time it wasn’t for you. Darkness still loomed and howled behind you, but you would not succumb. Roaring waters awakened your senses as you neared the end of your path towards the roaring falls up ahead. This was the beginning of a new journey. The Beginning to choose your fate once again. Your paws propelled you off the cliff, the darkness ripping away from you as you extended in mid air towards a new beginning.  

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Ri0t & Samanthasorcerer
















Carousel- Melanie Martinez

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I. Respect.

You will obey and respect those in Higher Authority of you. Anyone disobeying or disrespecting the Higher Authority will be punished. Anyone abusing their power will be punished as well.

II. No Double-Packing/Clanning.

Anyone caught Double Packing or Clanning will be let off with a warning. If caught a second time, punishment will be dolled out, and a third leads to exile.

III. Know your place.

There is no patience for those hounds who do not know their place in the pack. Earn your way to the top and learn the ways of the pack.

IV. No Excessive Drama.

If you wish for something to happen to your character, inform one of the Instigators before doing so. Some Drama will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by punishment.

V. No Powerplaying.

You take your punishments and wounds just like everyone else does. Powerplaying will not be tolerated whatsoever.

VI. Correct Attire.

You are expected to have the correct form of attire and tag color. Different tag colors can lead to presumptions and unneeded drama.INSTIGATOR x2
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The leaders of the pack. They are to be treated with nothing but uttermost respect. They were the first to begin the run, so we follow in their footsteps. We trust they know what's best for the pack and believe their decisions are made justly.

User Name Appearance Mate
Ri0t Immunity An angelic hound with a Rouge pigmented pelage and a Alabaster under baring. Her Austere Floe Ople contains hues of a Crystal blue so light it appears un-pigmented without being embellished by the Sun. Her frame is muscular but Slender and sleek, her fur floccose around her neck and underbelly.


Second in command. They are also to be treated with the uttermost respect as they report to the Instigator first hand. They are next in line for the running of the pack and take care of the pack while the Instigators are away.

User Name Appearance Mate



Third in command. They oversee the small details of the pack that the Instigators can not and report to them daily. They are in charge when the Instigators nor Advocates are not on and are next in line for becoming an Advocate. Highly respected.

User Name Appearance Mate
Samanthasorcerer Yuu N/A


The Healers and Guides of the pack. They work in the medical field and heal the wounded hounds that come to them. They are also there to heal problems and worries that trouble the canines of the pack. Highly respected. All Priests will take a small course on battle training.

User Name Appearance Mate



The Lead Runners guard the Instigator's and oversee all Runners in general.

User Name Appearance Mate



The guards, scouts, and spies of the pack. Two runners are assigned to the Instigators to ensure the safety of their precious leaders. The Spies are sent to infiltrate other packs/tribes/clans to gain information that is valuable to the pack. The Scouts frequently lead patrols and are allowed to check on the territories whenever needed. All Runners participate in hunting.

User Name Appearance Mate



The Lead Champions are in charge are ensuring the Champions are getting their training done and being attended to when needed. They report to their hierarchy on their progress.

User Name Appearance Mate


The Champions are the warriors of the pack. They will lay down their lives for the sake of the pack and obey the orders of the higher ranks. Brave, Strong, and Fearless warriors.

User Name Appearance Mate
Royalist Akira Burnt Sienna Female With Ghostly, Captivating Alabaster Eyes. She bares an Ivory Over Baring embellished with Rose Hued Markings. N/A



The Amateurs are the apprentices in the pack. They strive to learn the ways of their pack and listen to their Champion Mentors. They aspire to one day become great warriors.

User Name Appearance Crush



The Neonates are the newborns in the pack. They adhere with their Fore-Barer until they are mature enough to become Amateurs.

User Name Appearance Litter-mates Parents


When the pack is not recruiting, or a prisoner or hound from another pack decides to join, they join as a Conscript. A conscript must rank there way up with Rites which are earned by participating in pack activities and proving their loyalty. Three Rites welcome them into the pack officially and they are given a official rank.

User Name Appearnace Mate Rites


NOTE: Advanced and Descriptive Vocabulary is not required, but we would like all of our hounds to know it. If you do not know any, please at least try to incorporate some into your roleplay example and leave a note saying you are willing to learn.



Roleplay Example:

How you heard of us:

Previous Packs:

Loyalty Pledge:



Leaders User:

Packs Name:

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You only live once. So why not make the most of it?

Some of us won't ever get the chance to fully live out our potential. To live out our dreams and hopes. Sometimes, it's stopped early. Our dreams and potential is stopped dead by one tiny accident. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Anything. And just like that, everything we held dear is torn away from us.

We deserve a second chance.

We are the hounds who had everything taken away from us. Someone had stopped our track on life and said your time is up. But whose to say when our time here is done? No one but us.

So we ran. Ran away from The End and into a new Beginning. Chased down by The Reaper in an eternal charade, our souls will never rest until we live the way we intended. We will run forever. Death may come for us, but our souls won't rest until OUR time here is done. 


The Pit- Prisoners and traitors are thrown in here for three days and three nights without any sight of Food or Drink. Once out, they will be punished or dealt with accordingly. Hounds may also challenge each other to the pit where they can battle each other for Ranks or Sparring. Hounds in dispute may also be thrown in here to settle out any negative energy. 

The Thunder Dome- The Thunder Dome is an annual Olympic-like competition. Hounds will compete with each other in various challenges for ranking and awards. The overall winner or hound with the most Rites(Points), will be granted one week's worth of high-ranking and one special privilege of their choice. Challenges will include Gladiatorial Fights, Trickery, Wit, and Intelligence.  

The Running- Our time of rest has passed away.

Death has come to claim the day.

So then rise up, let's so whose faster,

For The Reaper, was never our Master.

Death has come upon us. We have taken rest and now Death has come to claim us into his eternal bind. But we are the Master's of our own fate. We refuse to succumb to his grip. So we take flight and run once again. Feeling Death heave upon our flanks, we run until we can run no more. The Hounds who can not keep up are swept away into Death and taken into the after-life, while the hounds whose souls refuse to yet find peace run away form his grip. During this time, we will run all over across the map of Jamaa and return to a new den, displaying our victorious defeat over Death who could not catch us yet again.

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Thanks to the generosity of the Hounds Of Ominous, we have gained a territory in Crystal Sands on the Server Asaro.

Fugitive Waters. The water is used for gaining prey and a ritual of initiation. Conscripts after their third rite must swim to the bottom of the ocean, as far as they can go until they feel the presence of The Reaper coming to take them. Once they do, the hounds must swim back up to receive their place in the pack.

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Pack Name Leader Leader's User
CrescentClan Gorse Erosioned
Relentless Daimon xxwolvesandcatsxx
MysteryClan SavvyStar dirskidoodle


Pack Name Leader Leader's User
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