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Junkyard Dogs
"As one, as family, as the dogs of the junkyard."

We are a large dog pack/group called the Junkyard Dogs. We are known for our strength, fortitude, and teamwork. Junkyard Dogs members have the best mindset to take on anything, as long as we can persevere together. We will take on anything big or small, it doesn't matter, for we will always try our very best. Our battle extraordinary prowess is quite unmatched, and we take down our foes with synergy. We greatly admire the strengths of other species, but we dominate the field with our might and endurance. We work together as a team, coming together to be a large family that looks out for each other. We are the dogs of the junkyard.

As one, as family, as the dogs of the junkyard.~

JD Information
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🐺 STATUS: Active.

🐺 FOUNDING: 09/28/2016.

🐺 RECRUITING: Currently, yes.

🐺 MEMBER COUNT: 8+ Members/Dogs. 

🐺 TAG COLOR/BADGE: Black with Wolf Howling.

🐺 SPECIES TYPE: Dogs/Canines (All Kinds).

🐺 ORIENTATION: Neutral; leaning to Dark.

🐺 ROLEPLAY TYPE: Traditional & Advanced.

🐺 THEME SONG: The Hanging Tree (Remix)

JD RP Schedule

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Central Time

Day Time (PM) On/Off/Maybe Events
Monday 5:00 - 8:00 Maybe N/A
Tuesday 5:00 - 8:00 On N/A
Wendsday 5:00 - 8:00 On N/A
Thursday 5:00 - 8:00 Maybe N/A
Friday 5:00 - 8:00 On N/A
Saturday 3:00 - 9:00 On N/A
Sunday 3:00 - 9:00 On N/A

-If you need help figuring out the times please talk to Triked/Skrubaton about it.

-Triked/Skrubaton has Football Monday and Thursday nights for 2 hours.

-Saturday and Sunday will be our main days to roleplay.

JD Events

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🐺 Superior (Leader) For 30 Minutes 🐺


🐺 Capture The Flag 🐺


🐺 Sparring Tournament 🐺


JD Public Polls
Do you like the page?

The poll was created at 22:04 on October 2, 2016, and so far 9 people voted.

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What should our tag color be?

The poll was created at 22:04 on October 2, 2016, and so far 8 people voted.

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What kind of den?

The poll was created at 22:04 on October 2, 2016, and so far 10 people voted.
JD Guidelines

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🐺 Don't Betray The Group/Pack 🐺

If you betray the group, be prepared for punishments. Betraying the pack can be very serious for your life and your bad consequences.

🐺 Listen To Higher Ranks 🐺

Listen to the higher ranks of the group, or you will have serious punishments. You are not allowed to disrespect any of the ranks that are higher then you.

🐺 You Must Fight 🐺

When in war/battle, you must fight. It makes you very loyal to the group. If you don't fight, it shows disloyalty to your pack-mates and group.

🐺 No Ranking Up Yourself 🐺

You're not allowed to rank yourself up. Only higher ranks can do this. If you think you can rank up yourself, you can't or harsh punishements will be and can be made.

🐺 Be Active 🐺

Please, be active at least once a week or you will be out of the group just like that. We are very strict on pack-mates being active because we may need you for war or a gathering.

🐺 No Double-Packing/Grouping 🐺

Don't ever double group, or punishments will be made. Double-packing/grouping is forbidden in our pack, you could be spying on us to get information. This is why we will test you and keep an eye on you.

JD Hierarchy

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🐺 Superior [x2] | CLOSED 🐺

This is the 'Leader' of the group as it is the top rank. They are charged with the responsibility to watch over and manage an entire group, maintaining discipline, order, and protection.

Rank Name Username Description Mate
Superior Herculean Triked A medium, black/brown female Pointer dog with dark brown eyes. N/A
Superior Nero xxstitchx A large, black/brown female German Shepard and Belgian Malinois dog mix with icy blue eyes. N/A

🐺 Minister [x1] | OPEN 🐺

This is the 'Deputy'  of the group it us a rank lower then the leader. They assist the leader when needed and they take the place when the leader dies.

Rank Name Username Description Mate
Minister - - - -

🐺 Herbalists [x2] | OPEN 🐺

This is the  'Healer' of the group. They help the injured and sick. They're very responsible for keeping the group alive and healthy. They handle illness and injury for all the dogs in the group.

Rank Name Username Description


Herbalist Leo Maddie240 A small, Red Merle Catahoula Leopard dog with icy blue eyes. Enscorelled
Herbalist - - - -

🐺 Elite Mercenary [x3] | OPEN 🐺

These are just like a  'Warrior'  but, just a more highly respected rank. They do the same duties as a warrior would do, they're are simply more respected and honored.

Rank Name Username Descrption Mate
Elite Mercenary - - - -

🐺 Mercenary [xinfinte] | OPEN 🐺

This is the  'Warrior' they're the heart and soul of the group. They're protectors, fighters and hunters of the group. They just make up the bulk of a group, providing the group  food and safety.

Rank Name Username Description Mate
Mercenary Quincy Prettyoldme A large, black/brown/white Basenji and Portuguese Podengo Mix with very clear hazel eyes. N/A
Mercenary Avvie xxthegreatwolfiexx A large, black/tawny/brown German Shepherd with dark brown eyes. N/A
Mercenary Enigma PsychicEffect A small, white/brown Cane Corso and Pitbull mix with light lime eyes. Shocker
Mercenary Colorless Aobasera A large, towering white Great Pyreenees purebred with translucent eyes. N/A
Mercenary Shocker Fizbin A medium, burnt seinna Golden Retriver with white soulless eyes. Enigma

🐺 Cadets [x5] | OPEN 🐺

This is the Apprentice of the group. They will be given a mentor to train for their future rank. They have a mentor appointed to them at their ceremony and most days are taken out battle training or hunting.

Rank Name Username Description Mentor
Cadet - - - -

🐺 Tyke [x3] | OPEN 🐺

This is the 'Pups' they are the youth. They are raised by their parents in the camp until they are atleast six months of age, to which they will then become an apprentice.

Rank Name Username Description Parent(s)
Tyke - - - -

JD Territory

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JD Correlations

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🐺 Allies [xinfinite] 🐺

Name Leader(s) User Allied Date
xxx xxx xxx

🐺 Neutral [xinfinite] 🐺

Name Leader(s) User Rival Date
xxx xxx xxx

🐺 Rivals [xinfinite] 🐺

Name Leader(s) User Rival Date
xxx xxx xxx

JD Sign-Ups

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🐺 Joining Application 🐺

OC Name:


Desired Rank:

Roleplay Example:

Description (Shortened):

Mate (N/A or OC Name):

Freechat? (Yes or No):

Loyalty Promise:

🐺 Neutral/Allying Application 🐺

Group Name (With Link):

Leader(s) Username(s):

Animal Type:

Allies or Neutral:

Why you want to ally:

JD Gallery

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