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Only October 31 2016 04:30:00 until The Halloween Festival!

Welcome to our reality.

Hesitantly, the young cat blinked open his eyes, the rays of the sweet sun filtering through the bushes' leaves. He jumped up in surprise as he saw the den was empty.

First day as an apprentice and I'm up late! Great job, Barkpaw! He stormed out of the den, agitated that his new mentor, Rushingsky, hadn't woken him up.

"You're up." The white she cat purred, getting to her paws while the two cats she was sitting with continued to talk. "Yeah! Why didn't you wake me up!" Barkpaw roared, his tail lashing.

"Calm down, Barkpaw. You've got to wake yourself up if you want to be a warrior." Her voice was smooth, like honey.

That makes sense.. Barkpaw thought, no longer angry with Rushingsky. "I promised you a tour of the territory, didn't I?" Her tail lapped gently against the soft grass. Barkpaw nodded slowly, following his mentor as she padded towards the camp's entrance. He couldn't stop his tail from quivering with excitement as he stepped outside of camp for the first time. He was jolted out of his thoughts as his mentor spoke.

"This is the great beech tree. Mice and squirrels come to nibble on the nuts here, it's also lined with bracken, which makes it a good and reliable hunting spot." That honey-like mew again. Steady and soft. Barkpaw nodded, and followed Rushingsky again. He watched as the trees thinned. Barkpaw could see light approaching, but it took his breath away when he saw it. A huge field, lined with patches of lavender that could make the toughest cat in the Clan cry.

"Amazing, huh?" Rushingsky mewed; "I've been seeing it every day and it still takes my breath away every time.."

"Yes.." Barkpaw nodded slowly.

"Come on then!" The cloudy white she cat ran through the field, her swift frame tearing agilely through the lavender, Barkpaw stumbling clumsily close behind.

"This;" Rushingsky panted as she caught her breath, " the willow tree. It's the only tree for miles, it doesn't really serve any purpose, except.." "Except for what?" Barkpaw wanted to know more. "..the beautiful view!" Rushingsky sat, looking out on the lovely rolling hills.

Woah! Barkpaw sat beside his mentor, amazed. He watched as a few small birds flew overhead, and the lavender rustled as rodents crawled through it. He glanced at Rushingsky, who was bowing her head.

"Why are you doing that?" He asked, confused.

"There's a bee." She said.

"And?" Barkpaw replied.

"Don't you know? Bees are responsible for what gives us life. You see, not only would lavender not exist if bees didn't pollinate it, but neither would we. Bees pollinate plants, which prey, such as mice and squirrels, eat. We eat those mice and squirrels. Without bees, there would be no life. So we pay our respects to the bees, so that whenever we see one, we dip our heads." Barkpaw nodded and dipped his head as well.

"Come, now." Rushingsky got to her paws and Barkpaw walked with Rushingsky towards camp. It didn't feel like long until they arrived. "So, what do you think?" Rushingsky looked at Barkpaw.

"It's beautiful.." Barkpaw said.

"I never want to leave LavenderClan."


F O U N D I N G - D A T E 7/29/16
C U R R E N T - L E A D E R Swiftstar (Midshadow)
M E M B E R - C O U N T 16 & Growing Rapidly
R E C R U I T I N G - S T A T U S Open
A L L I A N C E - S T A T U S Closed
S E A S O N LeafFall


After the four original clans crumbled, and the last leaders, Onestar, Mistystar, Bramblestar, and Rowanstar died, the Clans had next to nothing left. StarClan refused to give the deputies their name and nine lives needed to become leaders. Devastated and broken, the Clans left their home after Twolegs began arriving. Traveling for many moons, the weakest had died off, leaving a few cats to create LavenderClan after they found their seemingly perfect home, with one cat, Swiftstep, rising to be leader. Over time, stories and legends changed, leaving LavenderClan to look up to BeeClan, and looking down upon WaspClan.

Religion & Beliefs

b e e c l a nEdit

BeeClan are the legendary cats of the afterlife. Revisiting LavenderClan in the form of a bee, they are always to "bee" respected and honored.

w a s p c l a nEdit

Waspclan are the disrespected, dirty cats who hardly deserve to live at all. Trapped in the underworld of a dark forest, the wasps sometimes disguise themselves as bees.

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Q: Who coded your page?

A: TheDarkestSpirit


Q: How do I request an alliance?

A: LavenderClan lives on their own, so we do not accept alliance requests.


Q: Why can't my breed be tortoiseshell/Siamese/calico?

A: Those are simply pelt patterns, not accurate breeds. If you need help deciding a breed for your cat please leave a message On my message wall.


Q: How did you come up with the idea of LavenderClan?

A: I saw a pot of lavender while in the shower! You come up with ideas best when you're relaxed, so I'd reccommend being aware of your surroundings and come up with whatever the world throws at you.



>>Halloween Festival<<Edit

[October 31]

October 31st is the day that BeeClan defeated WaspClan in their battle to rule the land. To celebrate that, all cats of LavenderClan move into the lavender field and games, competitions and a great feast is held. Cats will use organic materials to scare eachother during the fest and share on-edge stories about the battle between BeeClan and Waspclan.

>>Christmas Festival<<Edit

[December 18]

On this date, several Clans and Packs are invited (the only time of the year) and we all celebrate our differences. During this time, cats will place gifts under a large tree, and exchange gifts for eachother, sharing stories and laughs with eachother and hold competitions. 

>>Thanksgiving Festival<<Edit

[November 24]

On this date, cats travel far and wide to collect every different type of prey possible. The cat who collects the most wins the competition, and the whole Clan feasts on it!

>>Valentine's Day Festival<<Edit

[February 11]

On this day, cats of LavenderClan confess to their crushes and forgive others for their mistakes. A feast is held in the lavender field. Cats will exchange gifts to their love ones and will "make contant" with those who have passed on to Beeclan.


Monday 3:30 - 4:30 (PM)
Tuesday 3:30 - 5:00 (PM)
Wednesday 3:30 - 4:30 (PM)
Thursday 3:30 - 5:00 (PM)
Friday 3:30 - 6:00 (PM)
Saturday 9:00 - 11:00 (AM)

[Times are in CENTRAL time!]

>>Please ask Swiftstar to convert them into your time zone!<<


>>The Forest<<

[Sarepia Forest]

The Forest is LavenderClan's hunting place. It is almost always vibrant with life and misty.


X Squirrels

X Mice

X Birds


X Badgers

X Foxes

X Falling Trees

X Forestfires

X Rouges

X Poisonous Herbs

>>The Lavender Field<<


The Lavender Field is LavenderClan's home. It always smells sweet and is flowing in the heavy gusts of wind.


X Mice

X Rabbits

X Voles

X Snakes

X Large Insects


X Rouges

X Snake Venom

X Wasp Stings

Cat of the Day

"Cat of the day" is our way to reward a cat for his/her service. On this day(s), the cat will be treated respectfully and with honor.

>>Cat Of The Day<<


!Thanks to Crescentkit for continuously being loyal and contributing to the clan!

Reward System

In LavenderClan, we have a point system used for many things.

If a member of LavenderClan can fill up a flower crown, good things will come.

The flower crown is made out of a base of weaved lavender. Larger flowers, such as roses, marigold, and daffodils, are added for showing responsibility, respectfulness, loyalty, and more.

If you leave LavenderClan and then come back, the flower crown is refreshed.

[Flower Crown Prizes]

1 Flower: First pick from the fresh-kill pile

3 Flowers: Lead a patrol

5 Flowers: Day-off

7 Flowers: Run an Event

10 Flowers: Promoted to Elite Warrior

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