~Mistclan~ Edit

"As One Person, We Are Incredible, But Together, We Are Unstoppable.." - Aspenfur ( Deceased )

Attention: Edit

We need a medicine cat apprentice. If you want to apply for it, just ask Brookstar (unity5) Shadowheart (codeandjam) or Vineleaf (warriorsvine). Thank you.

Introduction: Edit

As you pad across the forest, mist swirls around you and swallows you whole.You come across a land you've never been around before, you hear some rustling and laughing in the bushes, but you ignore it. You notice very light icy blue eyes on one side, and think you see a shadow of a cat on the other. You close your eyes and reopen them, and notice they're gone. You hear whispers, then start getting nervous. You continue to pad forward. You hear louder voices and turn around, seeing two cats. You tremble as they approach you, breaking the Mist in two circles, one was a three-legged she-cat with mottled black and gray fur and many scars, and the second one a black, gray and white tom with a scarred tail. The brute looks at the she-cat with blue eyes, then turns to you. " Well, what do we have here," He meowed, slightly amused "What do we do with Him/Her, Shadowheart?" The black fae with the gray underbelly you guess is Shadowheart flicked her ear then turned to you with piercing icy blue eyes. "Who are you and where do you come from?" She Hissed In Anger. You tremble as you reply shakily, " I'm _____. I'm not from around here." You whip around to pad away quickly, then you notice the ominous grayish she-cat Was In front Of You, And Said, " Do You Want To Join Our Clan?" You do not want to join another clan as you much prefer live on your own.You Try To Fight The She-cat Without A Reply, But she was too strong and pinned you to the ground. You realize that joining a clan was better then dieing.Then she repeats her question "Do you want to join our clan?" You decide to Give In And Reply To Join The Clan. Shadow Heart Nods Then Looks At The other cat And Said "Come on, Mindstorm. Let's go back to camp." You Assume Mindstorm Was The Black And Gray Cat with the white underbelly. Both Cats Take You To Their Camp And Bring You To Another Ginger She-cat. Mindstorm Told Her, " We Found This Cat On Our Territory, Brookstar. " She Must Be The Leader," You Thought As Brookstar Called A Clan Meeting And Many Cats Gathered Around. You Were Amazed At How Many Cats There Are. Brookstar Starts Speaking " Deputy Shadowheart and warrior Mindstorm Have Found A Cat On Our Land, And that cat Has Decided To Join Mistclan." You Tell Brookstar Your Name. " We Welcome _______, Cloudfeather, Will You Give ________ A Tour Around Camp?" She Gladly Nodded. " Meeting Dismissed, " Brookstar Meowed. You Turned Around Seeing Cloudfeather. You Where Nervous And Asked Her If She Was a warrior here. She Replied With A Nod. " Come On, I'll Give You The Tour. " Cloudfeather Meowed. You First Head Into The Warriors Den, then the High Rock, next the  Apprentice Den, Then You Pad Into The Medic Den Along With Cloudfeather. You spot A She-Cat Rummaging With Herbs. You Meow A Hello, She Introduces Herself "Well, you must be the new cat. Im Nightwhisper, the medicine cat. Welcome To Mistclan."Beside Her Was a soft hazel-eyed tom, he was a tan tom with brown spots who Meowed A a friendly greeting " Hello! Im Vineleaf,the medicine cat apprentice! "Every cat Seems Friendly Here,"You Thought. After The Tour You Turn Around and head to The Clearing.You realize that living with other cats didn't seem so bad.You Glance Around Your New Clan And Clanmates Smile, Purring Softly,

" Im finally Home. "

Welcome: Edit

Welcome to Mistclan's page! Mistclan is a clan that is for fun sometimes, but serious as well. We will be goofy when we feel like it or serious when we want it.

If you wish to join us, ask Unity5 or Codeandjam!

Editors~ Unity5, codeandjam, tryhard51

Current Information: Edit

Season: Latteral Leaf-Bare' Clan Den: Unity5

Starclan den: 10tanya

Prey Hunting: okay right now

Sickness: none at the moment

Territories: Zios, Kimbara, Appondale,Sarapia, Mt Shiveer and Coral Canyons.

Servers: Pecos,Balkan and Pensacola

Nighttime:10 minutes

Morning:1 hour

Theme song: Safe and sound

Recruiting?: Yes

Territories Edit

The Ancient Ruins Edit

Aka Zios

This is our usual hunting ground. It is very misty but we have adapted and can see well despite of the thick mist. Here you can find Mice, Birds, Fish, and Voles. It has a stream running through it. It is a nice place to teach Apprentices how to swim.There are a few Abandoned Twoleg nests. There might be stray dogs about in this part or bears.

Adders' Outback Edit

Aka Kimbara

This is also a hunting ground. It is often used to train apprentices to hunt for Rabbits, Lizards and Snakes. It has a cool river filled with fish. The dangers are adders and poisonous lizards. They lay near rocks ready to strike apprentices or even young warriors.

The Great Oak Edit

Aka Appondale

This is the ideal place to show young cats how to climb.The great oak is the biggest tree on our entire territory. The tree is hollow inside it is filled with herbs. The tree makes it keen for many birds.All apprentices must have permission or be accompanied by a warrior while climbing.The possible dangers are stray dogs,Falling,wolfs and bears.

Bears' Forest Edit

Aka Sarepia

This is by far the most popular hunting area. It has rabbits, Birds, mice and voles. It also has a Beautiful arrangement of herbs. The possible dangers are dogs And twolegs kits who are foolish enough to go into the forest, and also bears, hunters and poison Ivy.

Wolves' Archway Edit

aka Coral Canyons.

This is the pathway to the moonpool. It is a nice place to be alone and think. It has larger birds including Eagles. The Wolf population is much higher than the others. There is a occasional rabbits, along with fish in the pond. The dangers are eagles, poisonous lizards and wolfs.

Frigid Mountain range Edit

aka Mt. Shiveer.

The Frigid Mountains are a cold barren mountain range. It is covered in a thick rich layer of snow. It also has scattered caves which the clan uses when we need shelter. Under the snow is Snowshoe Hares which is a popular catch in these mountains. Older Apprentices challenge themselves to climb this daring mountain with their Mentor and Leaders approval. Kits are forbidden to go here even if they are accompanied by a warrior. Young apprentices are also forbidden to come to the Frigid Mountains for the dangers of falling, frostbite, paw pad damage, breaking ice and drowning, ect.

The Thunder path Edit

aka Canyons pathways

This is a path that the twolegs use to get to their twolegplace. Despite the stink it carries good herbs. This place is mostly used to get the herbs that twolegs planted, but it is very dangerous. There may be rats lurking around the path. Apprentices are forbidden to come here without a warrior. Dangers are getting run over, rat bite and rat poison.

Twoleg place Edit

aka jamaatownship

This is where Twolegs live.It is a dangerous place.The only reason we go here ever is for the rich herbs it provides, especially catmint. You must have Leader's approval before you step foot onto this dangerous land.There will be serious consequences to those who fail to follow this rule. Many rats skitter around near the lake.The lake water in the Twoleg place is poisoned by them. Dangers are getting captured, dangerous ally cats,Twoleg dogs and poison.

Punishments Edit

We are not a harsh clan but we need punishments or else everyone just tosses the rules aside.

1.Cleaning out bedding for a moon

2. Delayed ceremony

3. Not participting in patrols

4. Sleeping outside

5. Demotion

6. Spar with a strong fighter

7. Embarrassed in front of the clan

8. Banned from the clan for a certain amount of time

9. Exile



Mistclan history goes back a very long time. Our first leader was the infamous XxslystarxX, whos deputy was Pattypanpawpaw. Slystar lead from 2-3 years, and left the leadership to Hawktalon ( Her deputy ) and then returned to create CrescentClan a few years later. Soon afterwords, Patty transfered the leadership to Kittiez. ( This is while i was gone, i don't know alot about this time period ) whos deputy was Grouchie, the current leader of EchoClan. After Grouchie came Poppystar, and then Slystar returned from her long year absence. The leadership was then transferred to HollowStar who then merged with SwiftClan, creating CrescentClan. Later, CrescentClan grew so large they split into four clans to try and recreate the books. Those clans were MistClan, CrescentClan, SwiftClan, and TimberClan. Timber and Swift soon fell and joined back to Mist and Crescent, when RobinStar took lead. Robinstar died and transferred the leadership to Unity5, our current leader.  ( I apologize for any mistakes ) 

Leader's Username Roleplay Name
XxslystarxX Slystar
Pattypanpawpaw HawkStar
Kittieez ( Spelling? ) Unknown
Grouchie Unknown
Unknown PoppyStar
Loganmcl HollowStar
Loganmcl&XxslystarxX HollowStar&Slystar
10Tanya RobinStar
Unity5 BrookStar

Events Edit

Feast of stars Edit

On every 2nd Sunday We will have a feast in Bear forest. We will gaze up above at Silver pelt and tell stories of the past or great legends of our clan. We invite 1 or 2 allies to join us on this festive day.

Starclan appreciation day Edit

On this day we Go to the ancient Starclan cave and put prey and flowers near the cave and give thanks to Starclan and the ones before us.This is the only time anyone is allowed in the starclan cave so it is a very special event.After that we say a few prayers we would like to say to our loved ones that passed.Next we All head to the moonstone and this is the only time where every warrior gets to vist Starclan. Starclan Warriors May visit us while we are at starclan.This particular event is for Mistclan only. Exceptions are that if you once were in Mistclan and gave a starclan character you may come as that starclan character.You must be approved by the leader if you chose to come as a starclan character if your not in the clan.

Great Oak apprentice contest Edit

We all go to the great oak and challenge apprentices to Climb, Fight, Stalk and Hunt. All our allies come and celebrate. At the end of the day the leaders decide on one apprentice from each clan that has most improved and they get the most biggest prey in the pile

Rules: Edit

  • No breaking the warrior code unless the leader says so.
  • No spamming the Wiki unless necessary.
  • Always follow' The Warrior Code.'
  • No cursing unless necessary.
  • Don't stress the leader please! The leader has many things to do, if you have something very important please meet the leader in private. Otherwise, please do not pressure our one and only leader who has to deal with cats 24/7.
  • Please don't flipping pressure the medics about being the next medic apprentice because there can only be 2 medics. Sorry.
  • No attacking your allies or clan mates unless during spars.
  • Also, please no prophecies or too much drama. It causes problems.
  • NO DOUBLE CLANNING! You Will be given 2 chances and then you be exiled.
  • Names that start or end with Star or Mist are not allowed for Obvious reasons. (Leaders being the exception for star)
  • Be Active! We want active warriors not "one timers" This does not apply if you have a good reason (Ex. Going on Vacation)

Allegiances (Clan Hierarchy): Edit

Leader: Edit

Brookstar ( Unity5 ) A 30 moon old she-cat. Her mother is Robinstar ( Deceased ), father is Pinefoot. Sisters are Sagewhisker(deceased), Acornfall(deceased), Rippleshade ( Deceased ), Wishkit, Windkit, and Shadowkit. Her brother is Riverstone.

Deputy: Edit

Shadowheart (codeandjam) a mottled black and gray three legged 37-moon old she-cat with a light gray underbelly that is expecting kits. Apprentice: Darkpaw, Mate: Mindstorm.

Co - Deputy: Edit

Nightshade (tryhard51) A fully jet black shecat with emerald green eyes. She has an abnormally long tassel, which may be shortened from the nasty wound on her tail tip. She has 1 brother who is currently in Starclan, and his name is Oakfur. She also has 1 sister who was called Fernheart before she ran away to lead the life of a kittypet. Moons: 24 Apprentice: none Mate: Whiteswirl

Medicine cat: Edit

Vineleaf (Warriorsvine)- A tan tom with brown spots and hazel eyes.

Medicine cat Apprentice(s): Edit

none at the moment

Anatomy and vocabulary is appreciated! If you join, then we all hope that you have the best time!

Warriors(12 to 90 moons): Edit

Nightwhisper (warriorcats320) silver she-cat with gray markings, black underbelly, and soft blue eyes. Her right ear is torn from a bear attack. A short tempered shecat, that demands respect from all.

Silverfang (reese154) a brown tom with dark red eyes.

Timberfall (arcticpaw000) an oak-brown tom with light brown patches and green eyes.

Holly (bluestream711) a jet black she-cat with white, blind eyes.

Scarpelt (lovetoanimals31) a white she-cat with green eyes and many scars.

Willowstorm (Araniia) a dark gray she-cat with leafy green eyes and light gray markings that joined with her sister, Leaftail.

Leaftail (Firestar096) a pale brown tabby she-cat with moss-green eyes and brown markings that joined with her sister, Willowstorm

Riverpelt (foxes77) a light gray she-cat with gray marks, a white underbelly, and turquoise eyes.

Willowbreeze (whisp722) a silver she-cat with white splashes and light blue eyes.

Silverheart (xxswiftcloud60645) a light brown she-cat with gray stripes, a tan underbelly, and yellow eyes.

Stormfur (Cuteseal06614) a clever gray tom with orange patches of fur.

Jaystream (Jaystream456) a brown she-cat with a white underbelly.

Mudclaw (tree2237) a dark brown she-cat with light brown markings.

Moonfur/Okami (119littlestorage) A swift black and white short hair she-cat with pale eyes.

Cloudfeather (Bluejay588) a gray she-cat with dark gray spots and pale blue eyes. Mate: Greypelt

Stoneheart (maxwentmoo) a silver pale blue eyed tabby she-cat.

Greypelt (xxtheforbidensoulxx) a grey brute with fiery orange eyes. Mate: Cloudfeather

Eclipse (seal12042) a black she-cat with a white underbelly.

Shadowclaw (Pasts) a gray she-cat with a light gray underbelly and faded white eyes.

Snowtuft (stampydaughter) A 23 moon old she-cat with a white tabby pelt, a dark gray underbelly, and black front paws. She has a dead front paw from the bear attack. Mother is Brookstar, father is Lionstripe.Her sister was Frostkit. She also trains in the Dark Forest.

Willowsong (mylittlepony829) a brown 23 moon she-cat with a white underbelly coal-black strikes, and jay-blue eyes no mate,kits,and apprentice: Berrypaw. tip of tail snapped off form a rat attack.

Twistedfoot (mandipenny) a dark earthy brown she-cat with blazing yellow eyes and white patches.

Oneeye (ivygirl68840) a brown cat that can't see with one eye.

Silentstrike (breezeblocks) an oak-colored she-cat with dark brown strikes and forest-green eyes.

Silverflame (kkountz) silver she-cat with a white underbelly and paws, gray stripes, and turquoise eyes.

Stingtail (meowzers03) an orange tabby she-cat with a light brown underbelly and paws and dark brown patches.

Pinewood (sumsum11005) faded tan and gray 36 moon she-cat

Whiteswirl (xdarkforestx) a white tom with cream swirls with a tannish brown underbelly and green eyes. Moons: 24 Mate: Nightshade

Dawnclaw (hoppy51417) a yellowish tan she-cat with a creme underbelly and white paws.

Silvertail (princesskatie6) a silver she-cat with white paws.

Ghoststorm (plumsweet1) 26 moon white tom with gray paws mate:Darkrose

Owlflight ( Cottonball1222 ) A 16 moon old she-cat, her sister was the deputy Aspenfur (Deceased). She has a mate, but he is no longer in the clan (Stormshade). Two Kits, Graykit And Silverkit.    

Brightsky(rivergraceknott)-12 moon old shecat

Shadowclaw(unknown user)-Mate is brightsky

Ghostfeather(lucky29916)- A dark colored shecat, no mate, apprentice, or kits, moons unknown

Whitefur(evelyntheauthor)- A white shecat with no mate, kits, or apprentice, she is 12 moons

Cloudtail(seophiey)- A grey and white shecat, no mate, kits, or apprentice, moons unknown

Sirenbreeze(sweetpea10462)- A red, white, and brown shecat, no mate, kits or apprentice, moons unknown

Mindstorm(Tundras2003)- A black and dark grey tom, mate: Shadowheart, no kits, no apprentice. moons: 36

Darkrose (wackywolf85)- A black she-cat with a white underbelly and chest, light blue eyes. No kits no apprentice. moons: unknown

Queens (she-cats expecting or have kits): Edit

Rosepetal(ajgirl04) is a light brownish tan, white, pale grey she-cat with a twisted back leg is official pernament queen.

Shadowheart(codeandjam) expecting Mindstorms kits

Apprentices (6 moons to 12 moons): Edit

Rosepaw ( XxloststarXx) A creamy strawberry colored she cat with a foggy grey underbelly. She has a dark red pattern that goes along her spine and sides. A long scar stretches across her left side from a dog.

Moonpaw ( Baylo65 )- A brown she-cat with black paws and a black tail with a brown stripe.mentor:Riverpelt

Brokenpaw (anja96715) a light brown she-cat with pale blue eyes and a cream-colored underbelly.Mentor:Brookstar

Yellowpaw (straws101) a light brown she-cat with white markings and sparkling yellow eyes.Mentor:Greypelt

Berrypaw (pupz150) 6-moon old white she-cat with berry colored spots and bright green eyes. Mentor: Willowsong

Goldenpaw (Firewolf6757) a blue tinted she-cat with light brown stripes and pale eyes.Mentor:

Ivypaw (latrale4358)silver she-cat with dark gray stripes, a white underbelly, violet eyes. Mentor:Snowtuft

Featherpaw(wolfclu) A eight moon old silver tabby she-cat with green eyes Mentor: Nightshade

Darkpaw(bigmoma13) A eight moon old dark grey tom with amber eyes, he joined the clan with his kithood friend, Featherpaw, Mentor: Shadowheart

Kits (0 moons - 6 moons): Edit

Timekit(tiger4628)  A almost full black female with dark grey bolts crossing her body. Very boney body, but lots of unnoticable muscules towards her back, making her look weak, having a blood thirsty glare.

Elders (50 moons and above): Edit

Nightclaw (Ilovehuskies) a jet black she-cat with icy blue eyes.

Deceased Cats: Edit

HollowStar-(loganmcl) (before stormstar)Former leader of Mistclan, but died of heart failure.

Dewfrost-(unity5) Died from a badger attack

Stormstar-(odacool100) Former leader (Before Robinstar) of Mistclan, died by bear attack.

Ivyspirit- (Silverheart24126 )Died in a battle sadly  

Roseberry- (Roseheart9) Died sadly in a battle

Jaysong- (xxbitesizedxx) Died from blackcough

Crowflight- (colin178) Died from blackcough

Moonheart- (footedfox45) Died from heart attack

Meadowflight- (almond12345) Died from old age

Mousekit- (Brakon09) Died To A Rouge

Aspenfur- (Seal47723) Died to a monster

Rippleshade- (Almond12345) Died giving birth

Minkflight-(Meowzers03) Died To Sootstorm

Lionstripe-(NightWolf910) Died to other cats

Robinstar-(10tanya) Died of old age

Sagewhisker- (Stampydaughter) Died to a Dark Forest Cat :(

Frostfur (ajgirl04)- Died of old age :(

Hawkwing (foxes77)- Died of a fox attack :(

Pebbleshine(unity5)-Died as a kittypet


Allies/Rivals: Edit


[1]Pack of Broken Souls- Raven (littlehowler120)

Clawclan - Shadestar (13levels)

TornClan - Driftstar (cutelittlemem)

The Pack Of Shadowed Paws - Dusk (RebelPerfection)

EchoClan - Snakestar (Grouchie)

Auroraclan -Ivory (Tambo2525)

Crescentclan - Scythestar (punkinpunkinboo02)


Moon(recommending) and his cats

Schedule: Edit

Monday: ( most of us are at school ) clan gets on at 4-9pm(central),5-10pm(eastern)

Tuesday: ( most of us are at school ) clan gets on at 4-9pm(central),5-10pm(eastern

Wednesday: (most of us are at school ) clan gets on at 4-9pm(central),5-10pm(eastern)

Thursday: (most of us are at school ) clan gets on at 4-9pm(central),5-10pm(eastern)

Friday: (most of us are at school ) clan gets on at 4-9pm(central),5-10pm(eastern)

Saturday: Clan gets on at 2-9(eastern)1-8(central)Gathering-starts at 7:00(evening) central time, 8:00(evening) eastern time, 6:00(evening) mountain time, 5:00(evening) pacific time.

Sunday: Starclan day, Feast of Stars (see below)

Timeline is 1 week=1 moon

😸 P.s Please note these are not strict times.We basically have clan when the leaders on which currently are these times also if you are Mountain time or Pacific time you will have to search it up or do math.Most of the players are eastern or central time.Thanks.

Contacts: Edit



Dress Code Edit

Please follow the dress code! We do not want to look like fools. Thanks!

Avatars (Animals): Kits- Bunnies, Apprentices- Foxes, (Bunnies for nonmembers), Everything Else Wolves.

No exceptions!

Head: Skull helmets, Fox hats, Nothing.

Neck: Spikes, Leaf Necklaces, Jamaaliday Scarves, Pinecone Necklaces, Nothing.

Back: Swords, Jamaaliday Bow, Spartan Armor, Elf Armor, Worns (Depends), Bow, Nothing.

Legs: Leaf Armor, Legendary Gloves, Elf Bracelets, Gloves, Nothing.

Tail: Elf Tail Armor, nothing

You must have at least a neck item. 

Pelt: See Picture 

Eyes: Any but pink. White is only for blind cats.

How to join Mistclan: Edit





past clans:

Why you want to join

Roleplay (If your rank can't hunt or fight just do something your rank would do, ex. kits chasing moths):

What you look like:



Alliance request form Edit

Group name:



How would mistclan benifit you?

How can you benifit us?

Couples <3 Edit

Nightwhisper x Stoneclaw=Stonewhisper

Mindstorm x Shadowheart=Mindheart

Nightshade x Whiteswirl=Whiteshade or Nightswirl

Greypelt x Cloudfeather= Greyfeather - The Valentines day couple

Recent news Edit

We welcome Darkkit to Mistclan! Congratulations Darkkit! (1/23/16)

We welcome Stoneclaw, Nightwhisper's mate, to Mistclan! Congrats! (1/27/16)

We welcome Silverflame and Riverkit to Mistclan! (1/31/16)

Riverkit is now Riverpaw, an apprentice. Her mentor is Silverflame! (1/31/16)

We welcome Greykit and Oneeye to Mistclan! (2/3/16)

Nightwhisper gave birth to Echokit! Congrats Nightwhisper, Stoneclaw, and Echokit! (2/3/16)

Snowflight and Twistedfoot have joined Mistclan! Welcome Snowflight and Twistedfoot! (2/4/16)

There was a single bear attack. Almost every cat was injured ,none died. (2/4/16)

Nightwhiper and Stoneclaw have had a kit named Echokit! Congrats! (2/4/16)

We welcome Cloudkit to Mistclan! (2/5/16)

Snowpaw is now Snowtuft, and Willowpaw(mylittlepony829) is now Willowsong! Congrats! (2/5/16)

We had a earthquake, but everyone is ok, besides a lot of sprained paws, some knocked over trees, And a little damage to the nursery. (2/5/16)

We welcome Robinkit and Stormfur to Mistclan! (2/6/16)

Cloudkit is now Cloudpaw, Nightshade's apprentice! Congrats Cloudpaw! (2/6/16)

We welcome Shadowclaw, Ivypaw, and Eclipse,(seal12042) to Mistclan! (2/7/16)

There were two large foxes that attacked. Many cats were hurt. Sadly, Hawkwing died. (2/7/16)

Pineclaw was discovered a traitor and has left Mistclan (2/12/16)

We welcome Moonpaw ( Baylo65 ) as medic apprentice (2/13/16)

We welcome Graypelt to Mistclan! (2/13/16)

We welcome Whitefur, Stoneheart, Mudclaw, and Moonfur to Mistclan! (2/14/16)

Cloudpaw was premoted to warrior and is now Cloudfeather! Congrats! (2/14/16)

Greypelt and Cloudfeather are now mates-the Valentines day couple! Congrats! (2/14/16)

We welcome Ashfur, Jaystream, Stormfur, Goldenpaw, Berrypaw, and Yellowpaw to Mistclan! (2/15/16)

We welcome Darkpaw, and Featherpaw to Mistclan! (2/16/16)

Rosepaw is now the queen, Rosepetal, and Willowpaw is now Willowbreeze, warrior! Congrats! (2/19/16)

Moonpaw has been demoted to appertince because of not knowing simple herbs ( 2/21/2016)

Mistclan Quotes ♡ ♡: Edit

Quotes = Italic

Name & Date = Bold


" Some wounds will always be there, but you just have to embrace them. "

~Robinstar 12/30/2015

"Nothing is ever perfect, and you shouldn't try to make it perfect. But you can always try to make it better"

~Nightshade 02/10/16

" We are warriors of Mistclan. We defend with our lives, with our hearts, and with our souls. "

~Shadowheart 01/11/16

" No ones perfect deal with that but you can lead them in the right direction. "

~Brooksong 01/12/2016

"Ruling is hard. Just like pretty much everything in life"

-Brookstar 01/17/2016

"We are all one. Rivals or Allies, we all run within the same earth."

-Stormstar 01/18/15

"Not all wounds can be healed"

-Adderpaw 01/18/2016

Life is tough, but we go through it together.

-Shadowheart 01/20/16

"Trust in yourself even though people don't acknowledge you for what you are, you are never alone, even if people hate you for what you are only because they didn't see the inside of you. For what you truly are."

-Old Willowsong from when Hollowstar was here :) 01/23/16

"Sometimes, we have to listen to nature, and understand what she is telling us."

-Starry Sagewhisker 01/30/16

"Mistakes are powerful things.They can be destiny.Or it can tear you down."


"If someone brings you down, get back up. If you can't get back up, just remember that you tried."

~ Snowtuft

Frequently asked questions Edit

Can Medicine Cats have mates? Edit

Currently, all ranks except kits can have mates.

Are Dogs/Wolves allowed? Edit

No, Mistclan is a strictly cat only clan.

Are big cats allowed? Edit

No, we only do domestic cats. We may allow Domestic and Big cat mix.

Can I do a bear/fox/etc attack? Edit

It is allowed, but with permission from the leader, and doing it a lot can get annoying.

Can i have a already used name? Edit

Yes but only 2 cats of each prefix and they must have a different suffix.

FanArt Edit

Feel free to add to the FanArt Slideshow! All art is welcome!

And remember, to see all the newest art that has been posted, click the arrow on the left. If you wish to see older art, click the arrow on the right.

Polls Edit

Do not make your own polls please!

All these polls end on Febuary 28.

Should we allow big cats?

The poll was created at 02:59 on February 28, 2016, and so far 6 people voted.
Should we allow advanced vocab and Atanomy?

The poll was created at 02:59 on February 28, 2016, and so far 5 people voted.
Should we allow 2 ocs?

The poll was created at 02:59 on February 28, 2016, and so far 5 people voted.
Should we allow medicine cats to have a mate?

The poll was created at 02:59 on February 28, 2016, and so far 5 people voted.
Should we let cats have mates in another clan?

The poll was created at 02:59 on February 28, 2016, and so far 3 people voted.
should Apprentices be able to have mates?

The poll was created at 02:59 on February 28, 2016, and so far 4 people voted.
Should we have a co-deputy?

The poll was created at 02:59 on February 28, 2016, and so far 4 people voted.
Should we allow artic foxes?

The poll was created at 02:59 on February 28, 2016, and so far 4 people voted.