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"One runs, because they're terrified of what they might see."
I was Soaked. I looked around and started to panic, as all I saw was greenness then I tried barking, but only a frail squeak formed out of my Diminitive yet, Voluminous frame. I saw two giants look toward me as I saw one had two different colored orbs, that looked at me softly. I closed my eyes as a wave of Tiredness swept over me.

I awoke, and bounded out of the cave, and tackled my father as I shoved him downward and He yipped. "Silhouette!." 

I looked at him, and Escalated off landing gracefully on the damp hair of the world. I saw two deep, threatening eyes, glare from a distance and I turned toward the frame but it Vanished the split second I peered. I decided I must've been seeing things and turned toward the soft frame of my mother. "Now Silhouette, always use manners." Her gentle, comforting voice muttered close to my ear. I nodded quickly and stretched. "May I go hunting?" His father nodded and got up. "Might as well Silhouette." I smiled gently, and bounded off into the woods and a Diminitive frame caught my eye as I turned toward, a growing buck. I crouched down low, my pelt mending in with the colors of the woods. I crawled toward the buck, shifting my shoulders twice, and then I escalated Landing between its' shoulder blades and started Extracting the Velvet paper like flesh, off the shoulders until the bloody white bone showed and it screamed in agony as my father quickly snapped its' foreleg. It fell quickly in defeat as my father finished it off. "Good catch Son." I smiled gently. "Thank you." I started dragging the Limp, Carcass across the lands hair, and then I saw those eyes.. I bounded off leaving the carcass and slid into the cave. 

I panted heavily my tongue lolling out of my mouth. I still thought I was seeing things, so I still kept quiet and I saw my father dragging the carcass its' blood coloring the hairs of the earth. We ate silently and curled up for bed, I closed my eyes and what I saw when I woke up froze my blood. 

I felt my anger boil inside of me, but I knew what had done it, I looked at my mother and fathers hanging carcasses as my mothers dripping blood had woken me. I studied the frame of my mother, and realized the attacker had made sure she was coughing up blood, and it must of lifted her so she suffocated on her own blood. I shuttered and then, I started training. I didn't stop until night. I hunted down the frame, I followed the fresh scent that led.... behind our cave. I threw up at what I saw. I saw many hanging wolves, some guts hung out of them and I realized this figure hadn't been just stalking us it'd been stalking everyone. I turned around, seeing bloody nails. 

I stumbled on my Voluminous paws and caught my balance. "Bloody Hell..." The words slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them. The wolf was my... Cousin. I shuttered as the ragged, chilling voice bellowed. "Well, seems you have a brain, only i'll be chewing on it tonight." He lunged at me, and I was sent tumbling into the wall as I landed on the floor, getting up. "I don't want to hurt you.." I bellowed. He cackled the worst sound you could ever hear. He lashed at me and I backed up, everytime He swung and then I slid underneath him, and Tore his flank, until the bone flashed. I bit into his Concentrated crevice and started Extracting the flesh backward making a deep cavity. He spun around and sent me tumbiling again into the hard wall. I closed my eyes, and something clicked in me but when I opened my eyes it felt like flame was around my pupils. I launched at him sending him down, as I mauled his concentrated crevice, and I forced his head down as I heard a crack and he fell limp. I was a new wolf, I was different I would never go back the same. 

I am Silhouette. 

OC Name?
Souls of Utopia
Silhouette is a Insurmountable, Abnormally Talll Grey Wolf Hybrid. He has one pale yellow eye, and one pale blue eye. Consisting a Dark blueish Main pelt, a Russet underbelly, and he has More of Splotches that are a Burnt Sienna colored all over his Voluminous frame.
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