Wolf skull by xx samira hunter xx-d9gjzqk-0
Wolf skull by xx samira hunter xx-d9gjzqk-0

Alias is a gargantuan wolf. Her underbelly is jet black- her top coat a light burnt sienna, while accompanied with various flattering navy blue patterns.
Scythe <3
Orientation Dark

Alias is very intimidating. She is an obliterating machine when it comes to battle/hunting, she's stubborn when it comes to most things, and she is rough around the edges. Though, when you know the real her, you'll notice how she can be nice.


The moon slunk over the cumulonimbus clouds, casting luminous lighting across the ground and the foresrty that it bestowed upon. You, singularly advancing across the prehistoric rocks beneath your paws, feel a brewing sensation of fear in your stomach. You were vulnerable here, out in the open, and your desire for a place to hide or to seek shelter in was extremely immense. Through your travels you'd seen enough trouble to last you years upon years, and the feeling that peace could finally overcome was doubtful by now. After a while of traipsing throughout the forestry's edges you stand in a clearing, the moon reflecting off of your fur like it's singularly selling you out to anything or anyone that was watching. You scan the locality of the terrain, your gaze scrutinizing across a cave. It was a decent size, one you'd think a bear would live in. Though, at this rate, you wouldn't have been able to detect a bear's scent, even if there was one. The tulmultuous uprising of the recent rain had masked all of the scents wherever you had been, which had made it hard for you to detect threats or hostile situations approaching. After having an inward argument with yourself over what you would decide to do, you finally convince yourself to go seek shelter in the cave, no matter if there was a danger in doing so. So you traipse onward to the cave, careful to listen and observe where you stepped.

The cave was completely dark, and the shadows that loomed off of the walls gave you an eerie feeling. But it looked like it would shield you from this rain, so you pad up to it. Suddenly you stop, fur spiking on your shoulders as you hear something approach. "Who are you to trespass into my home?" A gurgling, deceptive growl asserted you, a questioning sound to the obvious female's voice. From where you stood, a pair of crystal blue, almost hyptnotizing eyes blinked. Her eyes narrowed to slits, sending trembling trepidation throughout your main soma. You muster up the courage to speak, angst apparent in your voice. "I'm here for shelter. If you have a problem with me, then-" you broke off, backing up as the wolf approached you. Once the moonlight hit her as she exited the cave to stand just about a foot away from you, you could see the twisted look upon her face, her cruel scrutiny upon you. She ascended her head abruptly, her dastardly mannor bringing fear upon you. "You dare challenge me?" She inquired, her lips twitching with every breath. You had no choice, knowing that this cave was your last option for shelter for the next five or so miles. So, you ascend your head to almost her height, and with a dastardly, fake look, you nodded. "I-" You are cut of with a yelp, intercepted by the force of the wolf. Her brown, black, and off-blue-gray physique moving in all directions that you could see, the world spinning as you snap your jaws out at her. You miss each time, confronted with a snap of her jaws on your heels or close to your neck. 

Suddenly, with a thrash, the wolf clamped her jaws around your neck, almost jumar-like. Pain seeps throughout your upper physique as she tosses you, ramming your head on the edge of the terrain. You feel teeth meet flesh, and agonizingly scorching pain seeps throughout your body. Blood cascades from the brim of the lacerations, and slowly but surely she pulverizes flesh. She whips around, dragging you towards the cave. In a split second, moonlight filled the cave, cascading light upon crystals that lined the edges of the cave. They lit up, and for moments it seemed peaceful, until you feel the pain again.

She reared up, slamming your head down on the rocks, and you go numb. With a few more hits, you are almost unconscious. After a while of what seemed like torture, she laughs a bit. The laugh seems almost nice, but you know it was just her pleasure of the situation. She clamps her jaws around your throat again, and then smiles. "Time's up, Sweetheart," She laughed, and before you knew it, the crystal beneath your head punctured through skin, leaving you bloody and cold with it sticking out of the corner of your head.