Intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food.

"Do you think I want to be this way? Do you think I asked for this? Any of this? Am I sane, or am I insane? Am I neither? It's hard to tell the difference between the two, friend. Just like it's hard to tell the difference between blood and water these days. The constant twitches get to you every now and then, don't they? One thing I have learned throughout this spontaneous life, is that you're never really 'okay'. You do realize that, right? It's just life, eating away at you by every waking moment, whether you notice it or not. Because, trust me, sweetheart, it's happening. Do you realize that? Life isn't all what it's cracked up to be, that's what I can tell you right now, friend. I don't know if I'm dying or living. Can you?"


♛ Greed ♛

Status Inactive
Orientation Horrifically dark
Description Greed is an overwhelingly Gargantuan Panthera Leo. Her face is covered in burns and scars (Read more below to find out why), and is blind in her left eye. She is a blunt and brutally honest cat. She will tell you how it is, with no mercy. Stay away from her, it'll cost you your life if you don't.
Roleplayed/Owned By Seasonalcolors
Gender Female
Age 4 Years
Pack/Clan/Group Possibly adding into Vigilance as another OC
Mate/Crush Xaphan <3
Weight & breed Greed weighs a robust and healthy amount of 280 pounds. She is a little taller than the average lioness, as she is 4'1 at shoulder. She is a Panthera Leo.
Golden attack Greed's go-to attack is to instantly send her adversary into a concussion by gouging her monstrous sized fangs into their skull and bashes it into the ground, usually intentionally on a serrated rock. Then, she begins to atrociously snap their spine by biting and grasping onto their skull, pulling it one way, while pushing and holding down their body another way. Therefore, snapping the spine.
Personality Greed has her name for a reason. She tends to get greedy and gets very irritated quickly. She typically is found in the Coppice, picking on others.
Friends Greed tends to keep to herself, especially in big crowds. Therefore, making her anti-social and has no desire to participate in any non-pack related parties or events. So, that gives her a slim chance to make friends. Her main friends are:

Phoenix (Blurried)

Cloud (Hallxween)

Twain/Blithe (Vertigoz)

History A few years ago in the Safari, Greed encountered a human in a cave. The human had a hot, flaming weapon, which is better known as The Red Flower. Greed, feeling intimidated by the human, she had attacked him. He threw the flaming weapon directly at her face, causing her to have various scars and burns across her face. As well as being 80% sightless in her left eye. She is still able to see out of that eye, however, it is just blurry
Advantages Greed's monstrous size often hands over a victory in almost every fight encountered. If not, every fight. She has tactics that she tells no-one, so they're unable to steal them and use them for themselves.

Greed is very persuasive. If in trouble (Which is a rare occasion. When this happens, it is usually related to her killing someone she wasn't supposed to;), she is able to persuade her punisher out of the punishment a large amount of the time.

She has very long legs, which help tremendously with sparring, running, battling, hunting, and more. Her agility level is through the roof; she is able to be as silent as can be. Which makes ambushing very, very easy for her.

Disadvantages From the Red Flower incident, it caused her to be 80& sightless in her left eye. Although, since she has had the wound for a few years, she has grown used to it and hunts, attacks, and spars like any other lioness would.

She has severe Depression, Anxiety, and Tourette's Syndrome. Because of her Tourette's, she often twitches, shakes her head, and makes clicking noises. She will develop more small quirks throughout time.


  • Greed's Animal Jam avatar
  • Amazing art of Greed by Indiya!
  • Amazing art of Greed done by my Laddy!!!