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"Hah... Darling, Don't You Know I'm A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream.....?"

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The chalky white moon glimmered gracefully in the dark obsidian night sky, it's rays flickering innocently on the emerald woodlands. Stepping out into the illuminated clearing, were two beautiful and magnificent creatures. Their pelts shone like diamonds and ice and seemed to twinkle like stars or fallen raindrops. Both of their coats were an alurring pale and milky white, and both of them shared the glittery cobalt eyes that looked like tiny moons. Stepping further into the illuminated clearing, stood a lanky and elegant canine. Abruptly trailing after her was a petite and charming canine as well. "Well... this is it, isn't it dear sister?" One of them said. The smaller one piped up, remarking, "Why did Ma and Fa kick us out?! Don't they love us anymore, Chandra?!" Giving a sad little smile, Chandra said, "Now Gretchen, Ma and Fa loved us very much. You know that." Tears creeping into the corners of Gretchen's azure blue eyes, she uttered softly, "But we could be happy... we could be safe... we could be together..." Shaking her head with melancholy, Gretchen sniffled and pinned her perky little ears to her skull. Before Chandra could open her mouth, her greiving twin darted forth and buried her face into her cobalt and white chest. Her cries were deafened by the fluff, but several glowworms and lightning bugs were disturbed and creeped quietly out of the grass stalks. Sighing, Chandra herself felt tears creeping into the corners of her eyes. No... I must stay strong for both of our sakes... I must! "Well... you see Gretchen- oh quit it already! Crying won't do anything, now will it?! You need to start growing up, do you understand?!" Thundered Chandra, tenderly yet forcefully shoving Gretchen away from her. The sniffles from her younger kin diled down, but still remained now and then. Hesitantly, Gretchen forced herself to stare into the core of Chandra's pupil. "Now settle down and listen, Gretchen." Chandra said, laying down softly and wrapping her long puffy tail around Gretchen. "I'm not a pup you know..." Gretchen grumbled. Snapping gingerly, Chandra gnarled, "I can always leave you in the dust!" Gretchen rolled her eyes and covered her face with her sore paws. Sighing, Chandra said, "Anyway. When wolves around our age are old enough, they leave the den site. For good. They leave because Ma and Fa have raised them well and let them go to start lives of their own and search for a life long comrade. They eventually find a territory of their own and make a den to raise tykes in. Once they leave Ma and Fa and find an analog, they become a Ma and Fa. They will eventually raise pups and one day let them become a Ma and Fa. Its a cycle, you see, and... Gretchen?" What Chandra did not notice was that Gretchen's focus was somewhere else. Her eyes followed the trail of an inching glowworm that crept slowly down the leaf of a moth orchid. "Gretchen! Were you even paying attention?" Briefly taking her eyes off the little creature she said, "Do plants and trees have souls, Chan?" "What?" Chandra said, ever so slightly confused. "Do plants and trees have souls?" Gretchen repeated. "Of course... the forest is like our Utopia... a perfect paradise for all kind to live and thrive." Chandra said. "Souls of Utopia..." Gretchen muttered. "That is exactly what the forest is..." Chandra whispered just in earshot. Little did both of them know, the seed of Utopia would sprout, and others would arrive...
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Gretchen is a Milky White Alabaster Female Canis Lupus with Dazzling Cobalt Blue Eyes and a Pale Granite Plastering her Underside. Darkened Gray Blotches are also Splattered upon her Chalky White Coat.
Family Chandra (sister) Kanji (brother-in-law) Charm and Wisteria (nieces) Euphoria (niece-in-law) Austin (nephew-in-law) Silhouette (adopted nephew)
Breed/Species British Colombian Canis Lupus


Neutral. Ever So Slightly Leaning Towards Dark.


Souls of Utopia


Elite Paladin