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Status Active
Roleplayed By SoundlySpeaking
Gender Female
Age Three years
Pack Northern Stride
Rank Guardian, Pup (Past)
Mentor None
Trainee None
Mate/Crush You'll never know!
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Brothers Unknown
Sisters Unknown
Sons Unknown
Daughters Unknown
Grand-Sons Unknown
Grand-Daughters Unknown
Extra Info
Coding Credit Coding credit goes to Eyota

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Haven Backstory

Ever since Haven had been born into the world, she had been forsaken by her own family, leaving the pup to rot; however she still remained with them until she had left them. She had roamed the streets for as long as Haven could remember; when she finally received a mate, her world had lit up. Spending every moment with Him, loving him unconditionally, until He had decided to betray her.

Little did He know that this shattered the once youthful Haven.

After having been betrayed by her only trust, - her own  mate - Haven had decided she would get her revenge. However, problems occured on the way to her revenge. When she was travelling after her ex-mate who had betrayed her, she was captured by a group of canines that called themselves hell-hounds, and was chained up by hunters that worked alongside them. Seeing as she was a wolf, they tortured her, shooting her legs and other parts of her that would not cause death. For the longest time they let her soak in the depths of her own pain and blood. The hellhounds and their owners kept torturing the poor she-devil, until something happened.

When the hunters took their hellhounds out after a pack of wolves that had been sighted by other neighbors and had stricken fear in the neighborhood, one of the wolves had freed her from her chains and had guided her, taking her out of the cell that she had been tortured in for what seemed like ages. 

This wolf explained to her that they had been watching her for a while, contemplating over whether or not they should save her from the hell-hole of a torturing cell. She was outraged at the thought that they could have helped her sooner so that she hadn't been tortured so much, but the anger eventually died down. The wolf invited her to join their pack, otherwise known as Northern Stride.

Haven eventually accepted the offer after contemplating things, but she still knows one thing.

He will pay for what he has done to me. I can try to forget, but I never will.

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