[This recreation of Chancellor, a past OC I've created is inspired by the OC: Kacper. All credits to the original idea go to XxSycamoreSerenityxX. All illustrations belong to their rightful owners.]

"We're only mere Experiments,

  more Cogs in the Machine,    

waiting to Decay in our Prisons

Chance 10 Banner

  when everything is Gone,

  what Use do we exactly have left?

   The will of Survival."

Chance 5 Intro



Those were the only sounds that I can hear among this vile prison, which didn't settle in the fact that the atmosphere surrounding beyond these blank walls were rumored to be contaminated with Human created gases; a "nuclear war", They've said; I don't find this to be true. I have been trapped in this area for as long as I can recollect our memories; I've been continuously experimented, and injected with unusual fluids.

Mmngh, I groan in pain, glancing over to a tended, bandaged wound on my right fore arm. Oh, right, They shot me... Rather recently, I've divised a plan to get myself to escape this hell hole - mostly why I've been nearly killed twice, since very few of these canines who inhabit the lab venture outside. Surprisingly - from my examination, the fence bordering the building isn't properly secured, now with just brute force, me and some other canines can tumble it down...

I rose from the hardened tiling as I glanced at the canines being temporarily released from their rooms. Almost... I turn my head back in my direction, partially limping over to my left, where I exited the bland room behind me as They escorted me outside the interior building.

Time to do this... For a few moments, I pondered on how exactly to convince these canines in assisting my escape tatic; maybe they would want to come with me, to experience what's out there... To be finally have freedom beyond the fencing. I fell silent for a moment before I reached the back of the building, where this was the supposed weakest part of the fence was, and only one camera was spectating us. 

I glance down to the relatively soft soil. Well... Seemingly that camera can't get into my sights... I immediately began to dig as much as my body can squeeze through. After a few minutes of digging, sirens began to blare excruciatingly loudly as They exiting the building, with a few of those vile tranquilizers and guns.

As soon as I heard the initial warning, I finished digging, quickly scuttling through the hole. Not long after, They started to chase after me as I ran as far as my frail limbs can take me, and as long as They cannot recapture me. For a moment, I would've thought I cuold've failed my escape; the damned collars They've attached to my neck have what They call "trackers". I felt almost fearful of what would happen to me, considering my history of attempting to escape multiple times before.

After what felt like a months worth of running, I hastily crouched to the thick ferns, waiting for Them to cease. Finally, a faint, muffled voice came from yards as They were fairly nearby.

"Test Subject #145 has reached beyond the boundary. We will return to the institute immediately." 

Chance 3 Info
Syl 12
Syl 12

Sylvester is a Nightmarish, Insurmountable, Intelligent, and rather manipulative French nationalized Eurasian Wolf. His pelt consists of a deep, navy blue overcoat, an obsidian underbelly; his alabaster splotches scattering his pelt contrast his ghastly demeanor; Sylvester's eyes hue a bright emerald; a scar horizontally slices his right side, and has a collar around his neck, although he is unable to retreat from it. He also possesses bandages on his right foreleg & left hindleg. 
3 1/2 years [42 months]
Neutral, leaning to Dark

Theme: Tides - Crywolf & Skrux

Voice: Micheal Madson

Chance 8 Traits

Syl 11
Syl 11
Syl 11
Syl 11


One of Sylvester's prominent traits, whenever he feels a canine is untrustworthy or ignorant, expect him to act this way. 


For each duty or responsibility Sylvester's bestowed on, of course he'd be more than willing to take it; he'll always be determined to finish it.


Very rarely, Sylvester can be considerably protective towards few canines he trust, but he mostly acts protective towards his family, due to a "survivor's instinct" feeling he has.


Having a cleverly implimented sense of hypnotising, Sylvester can more than likely toy with your thoughts and/or emotions if he had no choice.


Whenever a canine messes up on something Sylvester specifically requests, expect him to give you a lecture or shpiel.


If being strict and dedicated to his roles, he's about as serious as you may think of him to be; to higher role responsibilities and caring for his family.

Chance 6 Backstory

After almost a month of being born, Sylvester was seperated from their birth-mother and taken to an institute, where they were instantaneously tested and manipulated by Them, or Humans, as Sylvester himself calls them.

Most of his life in the institute was continuous strategies in escaping the laboratories and likely giving in afterwards; whenever he misbehaved to the lab testers, he was likely punished for his actions, one of those punishments were being shot at his left hindleg, and his right foreleg respectively.

After nearly and successfully escaping the institute, Sylvester began his life as a lone survivor; to forget their lives of being contaminated in the white walls they inhabited in. Sylvester lived and can tell his tale.

Chance 7 Stats
Syl 11 3
Syl 11 3

Herbal Knowledge

Chance 9 Relations

Syl 13
Syl 13

Nyx [climber1943]
Mayhem [Immørtalz]
Hera [Hydrosphere]
Katarina [Tyrannicalfate]
Bear [movingstatue]
Loki [Dragonfire]
Aisha [FootBallRockets]

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