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Vivid colors painted the evening sky of the ravaged city,the abnormal golden rays shining down over the litter ridden streets.One of the few remaining skyscrapers creaked loudly over the silent land, its windows smashed and portions of the towering building missing.A series of frantic barking and screeching could be heard from inside,before a large male wolf and a smaller pup burst through the glass doors of the building, sprinting frantically down the abandoned street as 3 scrawny coyotes chased after them. The male wolf held 3 dangling possums in his jaws, as he darted down the road, weaving through the stranded cars.The wolf's pup,Xaye,panted heavily as he ran,desperately trying to keep up with his father,a can of tuna gripped loosely in his mouth,covered in saliva. The male wolf stopped momentarily, brathing heavily as he regained his breath,waiting for Xaye to catch up.

"Hurry up Xay!" He shouted impatiently.

Xaye whined as he sprinted, his paws aching.he finally joined his fathers side, darting past him. He hesitated,watching as the coyotes drew closer,their shrill yaps growing louder.The male wolf back kicked a large empty trash can,watching it slam into the sprintinh coyotes.He has little time to celebrate his victory,he immediately whisked around and darted onward after his pup.The two wolves verred off of the empty street down a narrow,dark alley.

"Mom we're back!" Yipped Xaye excitedly.

"We found plenty of food in the old skyscraper,some coyotes gave us a hard time."The male spoke somberly.

The two approached a large,empty dumpster laying on its side in the secluded alley.A scrawny female wolf laid in the dumpster,couphing vigorously.

"I'm glad you're both back safely..."She said quietly,her voice raspy and sickly.

"Here mom,I chose this especially for you," Xaye placed the dented can of tuna on the ground, nudging it near the dumpster, maintaining his distance from the sickly female.

The scrawny wolf gave a small nod of thanks to her son,as she brought the tuna closer to herself, beginning to eat it quietly.The male gnawed on the malnourished possum ravenously,before tossing one to Xaye

"Here Xay,good job today,"He said finally

Xaye smiled,before he began devouring the small,pitiful possum thinking about his mother being sick because of his birth.They all ate silently in the gloomy alley,the last golden rays of the evening disappearing into the darkness of night.A series of wheezing and coughing startled Xaye and his father,as they immediately ran to the dumpster that sheltered the female wolf.

"M-mom! What's wrong...!?" Xaye spoke with panic as blood trickled from his mouth, as they approached the opening if the dumpster,seeing the sick female trembling and coughing violently.

She didn't even attempty to speak, as she began coughing up blood.Her weak frame shook,as she gasped desperately for air,the can of tuna spilled across the ground.

"T...the tuna..." The male looked with horror,whispering to himself as he came to realization.

"MOM!" Xaye Whined Echoing the city,as he watched his mother become pale,blood beginning to trickle out from her mouth."Xaye.." She began "Xaye..I love you..but if you ever..speak of your species and problems..You may die."

The male wolf watched in emotionless silence.His dull eyes set on his dying mate.Xaye shivered at the words,then looked desperately up at his grieving father,tears beginning to run down his face yet he had the smallest of grins as his tongue swept up the guts of the meatless possom.His father looked down at Xaye,a dark,dull hated beginning to show in his drained eyes.

" did this," He spoke somberly.

"Dad..! Please...I- I would never!" Xaye crouched against the ground,looking up at the ruthless expression in her father's eyes.

"YOU DID THIS," He shrieked,his massive paw lashing across Xaye's face,sending him skidding across the ground.

Xaye gasped for air,shocked at her father's actions.he glared as her father charged at him,bowling him over and sending him spiraling against the cement.Xaye pleaded for mercy and trembled,as he tried to get up,his entire body aching and his eyes beginning to swell.

"LEAVE..LEAVE THE CITY!" The large male screeched directly at his blood covered face.

Xaye could barely form a single word,both him and his father knew how deadly the outskirts of the city were.A large forest surrounded the city,a forest filled with monsterous beasts,prowling for food,Heartless hunters,awaiting for an animal to pass by,a deadly place..very deadly.Xaye cringed at the thought of setting foot near it.His thoughts were interrupted as her father shrieked once more.

" can't do this..Mom..wouldn't want this!"Xaye begged weakly as he finally forced himself to stand,his legs wobbly and sore.

Without hesitation,he charged him once more,his nails whipping across his face,as he began sprinting for his own life.His father darted after him,his deadly teeth nipping at his ankles as he attempted to grab him.Xaye yelped,his heart pounding as he ran with every ounce of strenght left in his body.Two stranded taxis blocked the road ahead,he had no time to think,feeling his father's teeth just moments behind him.he slid under the taxi,stumbling as he emerged from the other side,continuing to sprint towards the outskirts of the city.he sprinted blindly into the feared woods,looking back to see if his beastly father stopped in his tracks,before he whisked around and sprinted down the road,disappearing back into the city.Xaye slowed down near a large oak tree,collapsing onto the soft ground of the woods.Blood dripped from his ripped up coat,as he laid on his side,stranded in the dark forest.The shadows of this forsaken land felt alive,he felt eyes watching her every move,yet he didn't care at this point whether he was hunted or not.he looked up,the moon shining brightly down through a large gap in the trees above.Xaye felt the energy of the moon running through his veins,and a new hatred burning in his heart.

"He'll regret this day," he promised to himself,before he took his instincts emotionlessly killing a human followed by a deer,as he crunched on the bones he thought on his murderous feelings as he drifted to sleep.


*Title Insert here(Description) Xaye is an incredibly monumental,muscular physique despite that he has a solid obsidian underbelly and a dark cinereal top coat with unusual cobalt markings covering his bodice appearing to be moons,his eyes being a posessing pale chrome.A scar runs across his muzzle and many along his abdomen.Xaye's species is unknown and is to be remained unknown.But because of that he has trauma meaning he has phobia's of: Fire,Flood's,Tornado's and he refuses to eat fish,he has also extra teeth which are natural but gladly they help him in a way.He adores his family and will die for them with no hesitation. (personality tba) city.PNG|The city,Xaye used to live here </gallery>


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