You wearily pad through the forest, desperately looking for a place to rest. Hunger gnaws at your stomach, and the pads of your paws ache infinitely. You desperately hope to find a safe place before the sunset comes to a close, but you're a bit too late. You watch helplessly as the sun pulls itself below the horizon, dragging the light with it. Your head whips side to side in short, jagged motions, as you try to figure out where you are. Through the shaded silhouettes, you can make a rough guess about your location, which is a dense forest, where the trees tower over even the mightiest wolves, and the dark nights can reduce the bravest wolf into a quivering puppy. You tiredly stagger around the moors, and as you begin to make out a pack camp through the trees you trip on a root, blacking out. Your eyes gradually open, and you find yourself at the paws of two male and female wolves. They stand towering over you as you scramble to your paws, trying to make yourself appear as large as possible.The female's mismatched eyes stare down at you. "Why are you trespassing in the moors?" She barks. You haven't quite snapped into reality yet, causing you to to dully stare into her eyes."I-I never m-meant to t-tresp-pass, I just n-needed a place t-to stay," You stutter helplessly. Her gaze softens, and she utters a simple phrase. "Welcome to the Pack of Misty Moors, young one."

Pack Updates

February 22 - We welcome Athena and Dakota to the pack!

February 23 - Admission to the House of Eta has been put on hold until the House of Zeta gains more members.

February 25 - We welcome Pine, Blade, Okami, and Silver to the pack!

February 26 - Athena has become our Delta, and Clover has become the Iota Of Eta!

We welcome Luna to the pack!

February 27 - We welcome Moon, Shadow, Kumo, and Rose to the pack!

Pine has left the pack, she will be missed.

Willow has been exiled due to power play.

February 28 - We welcome Kosovo and Faith to the pack!

February 29 - We welcome Cinder and Maple to the pack!

Cinder has been exiled due to attacking pack members.

March 1 - Siko has left the pack, causing Athena to move up to Beta.

We welcome Abyss to the Pack!

March 2 - We welcome Nova to the pack!

March 6 - We welcome Reyna into the pack!

We now have an official religion, The Three Spirits!

March 13 - Dakota is the new Iota of Zeta, congrats!

March 14 - Rabbit mating season has peaked, expect an increase in young rabbits.

March 15 - We have allied with The Pack Of New Hopes!

March 17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day, everywolf!

We have allied with ForestClan!

We officially welcome Dust, Refraction, and Izzy to the pack!

We have broken the alliance with the Pack of Shadowed Paws.

March 18 - We welcome Serendipity to the pack!

March 19 - I have created a subpage for our terms, Pack Of Misty Moors/Terminology and Events!

Status Active.
Naming Policy Rogue Names
Species Wolves and Wolf/Dog Hybrids.
Start Date Febuary 20th, 2016.
Recruitment Always Open.
Orientation Light/Neutral Realmed.
Member Count 28.
Wiki Editors Alpha and Beta Only.
Theme Song Arcade Fire - Reflektor
Religion The Three Spirits

Basic Information



Adult- Arctic Wolf for members, Wolf for nonmembers.

Tau- Fox or Arctic Fox for members, Bunny for nonmembers.

Phi- Fox or Bunny.

Gamma- Wolf.


See pictures. Subtle colors and pastels, no neon.


Natural items only, Flower crowns, gazelle horns, leaf necklaces, etc. No items a human would use like scarves and hats, no weapons, no diamond shop armor. If you have any questions, just ask Andromeda.


The Pack of Misty Moors resides in a forest that is perpetually covered in thick fog. Although enemies have trouble navigating through the smoke-like mist, members of the Pack of Misty Moors have adapted, making it easier to see.


Server: Sierra Nevada

Pack Camp: Andromeda's den (Jellycake)

Sarepia- Meeting area for recruiting and time away from camp

Zios- Used as a hunting area for Theta Patrols.

Meeting Areas:

Low Waterfall- Used for punishments and exiles.

High Waterfall- Waterfall in pack camp, Used for

ceremonies and pack meetings

Ruins- Zios Sculpture in Zios, Used as a meeting area for Theta and Eta Patrols.

Date and Time

Early Spring, Also known as Prima.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Incraments Of Time

One moon: Five days

One day: One hour

One night: Ten minutes


Big Game: Fairly Plentiful

Small Game: Plentiful

Herbs: Fairly Plentiful

System of Government

The Pack of Misty Moors is divided into three main sections, called houses. Above the houses, there is also the top class, which consists of the Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Iotas. Below the the three houses is the Neo class, which consists of Phis, Taus, and lastly, Omegas.


The alpha is the core of the pack, making almost all the decisions involving the pack. However, they usually confirm their choices with the Beta and Iotas to make sure that their decisions are mainly beneficial. High respect must be given.


The second in command, they are the main consultant of the Alpha. They will take over when the Alpha is no longer fit for their position. High respect must be given.


Third in command, they have similar duties to the Beta. They will become a Beta when the Alpha or Beta is no longer fit for their position.


The first house is Theta, which hunts all the food to feed the pack.

Patron - Indicia


The second house is Zeta, the bulk of the pack. They defend each and every member of the pack, ensuring overall safety.

Patron - Praesida


The last house is Eta, the medics and gatherers. They tend to the wounds of injured pack members, and they also collect the herbs needed to do so. The Iota of the Eta house is the head medic.

Patron - Ouiam


Each house is led by an Iota, who gives reports on the house's activity. High respect must be given.


The elders of the pack, they provide wisdom and tales of valor to young Taus and Phis. High respect must be given.


In each house, there are Sigmas, who train the next generation of pack members. Anyone who has passed their training as a Tau is eligible to become a sigma. Any qualified wolf can volunteer, or be selected by the Alpha or Beta to become a Sigma. High respect must be given.


The Taus are the trainees of the pack, and they follow in the footsteps of their Sigma. If a Tau chooses to become a member of the Theta house, they will be trained by a Theta sigma, etc.


Phis are the pups of the pack, and they must be at least eight moons old to begin their training as a Tau.


The Kappas are the mothers of the pack, they take time off from their duties until their pup starts their Tau training. High respect must be given.


Last, and least, are the Omegas. They are responsible for cleaning and replacing all bedding, and following the orders of any wolf above the rank of Tau.


Top Class

Alpha: Andromeda/Jellycake/Purdyburdy

A pale rose and white pelted female with a garland of pale yellow flowers and bright blue eyes.

Lives - 9 out of 9

Beta: Athena/Atlantiic

A pale grey and dark grey pelted female with white eyes and black gazelle horns.

Lives - 9 out of 9

Delta: Open, to be decided.


Name House Username
Dakota Zeta MooGiggles
To Be Determined Theta -
Clover Eta Koolkid24802

Core houses

Theta: Rank Open

Name Username
Shine Jammer3100y
Axis Chunkymonkygrl
Dawn Greywingwolf
Snow Orchid2003
Okami Username Not Shown
Kosovo Safire201

Zeta: Rank Open

Name Username
Blade Kayleigh7398
Maple Happyhappywolf12
Nova Crazylove5
Ivory Cupcake99781
Reyna CheetahWeetah

Eta: Rank Open

Name Username
Lily Daniellawolf81
Silver Pinkshoesgirl
Luna Juniorjellyjammer999
Abyss Pixiacool

Center Class

Sigmas: Open

Name Username
Clover Koolkid24802
Refraction Multiple Backups.

Kappas: Open

Gammas: Open

Neo Class

Taus: Rank Open

Name Username
Moon Grace6599
Kumo Ice76549
Faith Loolooland1121
Izzy Cutekitty2005
Vogel Max134
Serendipity Rocker15109

Phis: Rank Open

Name Username
Daisy Tigerbubbles
Shard Mokie911
Lilac Jammer555140
Rose Inconspicuous
Dust Runewolf100

Omegas: Rank Open

Laws Of The Moors

Disrespect for any top class or center class wolf will not be tolerated.

Attacking pack members is unacceptable.

Double packing or giving information to any other pack unless given permission to is strictly prohibited.

Taus and Phis are not permitted to have serious mates until they finish their training, crushes are fine.

Any wolf that is purposefully trespassing on Pack of Misty Moors territory will be dealt with by only the Alpha or Beta.

No fights will be started without the Alpha's consent.

Do not use NN, NM, etc.

Don't randomly get hurt for attention. The Eta house's purpose is not to tend to your leg that you broke after falling out of a tree for the 7th time that day. Chill.


Confirmed Double Packing: Demotion or Exile.

Attacking a pack member: Immediate exile.

Disrespect for higher ranks: Temporary demotion to Omega.

Vandalism of the Page: Demotion, Temporary demotion to Omega, Exile.

How To Join

Include the following in a comment below:


Animal Jam Username:

Desired Rank: Core houses and below only, please.

Appearance and Personality:

Example of Roleplay:

Why you want to join and how you found us:

Any other special information?



Pack of Starry Skies - Kosovo - 42407

Tundraclan - Goldstar -

The Echoing Forest - Xilan - Spiritwolfbeta

The Pack Of New Hopes - Blossom - Doglovingmaniac


None currently, we hope that this stays the same.

How to Ally with Us:

State the following in a comment:

Pack Name:

Leader's name and username:

What kind of group are you? Pack, Clan, Tribe, Etc.

How will this benefit both groups?

Why do you want to form an alliance with us?