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Purple flowers & butterflies
You Padded through The Huge Forest, Unaware of the dangers that lurked beneath the Light of the Moon. Your stomach rumbled for hours, but you were too weak to hunt,so you searched for dead carcasses, you were lucky to find a small female hare and a Crow, but it didn't fill you up. The Night Enveloped around the forest, Meaning all sorts of danger came out to say hello, leaves crunched beneath your feet as you slowly walked to find shelter.Suddenly you heard a low growl, you ignored it thinking it wouldn't notice you ,but you were wrong, that growl you heard was actually a grizzly Bear! You tried to run away from it but you tripped over a rock, its hard breathing made you even more nervous as you were now face to face with it, the bear open his jaw ready to eat you ,when out of nowhere a Female wolf jumped in front of you and attacked the bear just moments before the bear attacked you,''RUN!''She Yelled with the top of her lungs''You saved my life I need to help you!'' you weakly stood up, your legs shaking and bit the bears neck you and the she-wolf attacked the bear together until it ran away ''I'm Micro, Alpha of Paradoxical. You are?'' knowing that Micro saved your life you answered ''I'm ___ '' ''Well ___, would you Like To Join My Pack? If you don't already have one, but I guess you don't if your roaming in these parts of the forest'' your eyes glittered with excitement and your tail wagged happily '' I Would be honored to join your Pack, Micro.'' Micro Nodded Happily '' Well Then, ___, Welcome To Paradoxical!''
Founder Micro
Founded TBD
Orientation Dark Light Appeals
Status In-Active
Species Strictly Wolves
Recruiting Yes
Alliances Yes
Territory TBA
Camp Loaction TBD
Member Count TBA