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-This clan is run by Endlesspossibilites, but coded by XXLeafXx-

Sunset over the high plains large


You walked through the mellow, yet calm plains of land. The wind, ever-so-slightly getting more breezy as you walked. You were getting a bit tired after that long-sluggish walk. Your legs ached, and you let out a yawn. The light breeze whispered gently to you, but you could not decipher what it was saying. You heard some snoring nearby, following it cautiously, you eventually stopped a magnificent camp. Hidden by wheat and barely which climbed up the camps boundaries. "Hello?" You meowed quietly. Suddenly the cat was pinning you. Her face stern but then turning light. "Hello there, you must be new to the plains" She nodded at you. You smiled and nodded back. Luckily these cats where friendly,and not hostile. "Yes, I am. I was looking for a clan" You meowed, gasping as you looked around the camp. The sun was setting slowly behind the horizon. Golden rays shone onto you and the she-cat. "Conveniently, I lead PlainsClan. And we are always welcoming new recruits" She meowed. You smiled even more. "Could I join? This place is so... beautiful but simple" You nodded at the sunset. "Of course, why would I say no? Welcome to PlainsClan" Your new home

⚛Founder(s)⚛ Lotus star
⚛Opening Date⚛ 8/27/16
⚛Species⚛ Cats
⚛Realm⚛ Strictly Neutral/Lawful Neutral
⚛Recruiting/Allying⚛ Accepting
⚛Tag color⚛ Brown/green
⚛Territory⚛ Selkirk