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The Green Forest....

The green forest


The Green Forest is a lush-growing forest, north-east to the other forests that lay beside it. It is the densest of the four forests and provides the most cover for the cats that live inside of it. It is inhabited by StreamClan and a few kittypets. Beside it sits the small, abandoned twolegplace where some cats still live in. The prey is plentiful here but cuts off near twolegplace, other than nasty rats and carrion laying around. Large animals live here, too, abandoned and/or wild, to begin with.


Meaning that the following animals can not damage a cat, and can be eaten and caught. They are harmless and are mainly afraid of cats and are decently easy to catch and eat.


Meaning that the following animals can damage a cat, but can also be eaten. Bigger animals can't be caught, but their meat can be salvaged if you come across a carcass or a fresh kill. Make sure it's not carrion!


Meaning the following are dangerous and can kill and injure a cat on its own. 

Seasonal ChangesEdit

The following images is what our territory looks like in certain seasons. The first picture you saw of the forest took place in the green-leaf season (summer), so here are the other three.

The Red Forest....

The briar forest

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The Orange Forest....

The orange forest

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The Yellow Forest....

The yellow forest

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