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Welcome to the Cult of Wirt, here we worship the great Wirtsaurus from OTGW. You must be careful, wondering the w00ds of te Wirtness or else the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil beings of te Unknown will getcha n' eat cha b0nes and juicy fl3sh

~Wirt ( me basically and a lil bit of Zeph )

🍁Info of da Cult🍁 Edit

Realm: Neutral

Belief: The Gregness of da Greg & Wirtism

Founders: Wirt after he asked out Sara but phailed cause it didn't w0rk out cause Beatrice g0t mad and gave Wirt a spankin' like " nah uh Wirt u is mine nao "

Species: anything you want

Territory: O no its " Unknown "

Status: active when I want too

Recruiting: yes

The Gregness of Greg is a belief dat iz bout the honesteh n' truthhhhhh of Greg. He gib us the purity of owr harts. dis is w0t we du

🍁The Greg Hour🍁 Edit

This is the hour when we all sing " Potatoes and Molasses " in honor of Greg

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See dis, Wirt is watching chu

🍁The Yelling at Greg tellin' him to stap Hour🍁 Edit

This is when we alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll yell at each other when somebody du somethin' bad or doin' sumethin' annoying, like " STOP IT WHAT ARE YOU DOING? " or " YOUR GONNA GET US IN TROUBLE! "
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Greg stap it pls

🍁The Cosplay Hour🍁 Edit

We basically all Cosplay as OTGW characters and go to Cringe Forest ( Sarepia ) and make people scared and cringe and report and block then insult us then run away then try to roast us but we roast tem' better so tey cri and go boom boom in der p0nties
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Wirt is the next covergirl
Dis ish da mew religi0n af The Cult of Wirt. Wirtism ish ah religi0n based of da W0rt dude 4rom OTehGeW.

🍁The Dance of Unstoppable Hormones🍁 Edit

Dis is wehn we danc 4 3 smexy l00king chicks, resembling da 3 smexy chicks W0rt had exteme b0ners 4. This taks plac in the middle of a hil
sarah wit jason be like:

🍁This Almighty Cosplayer🍁 Edit

Welp wez f0und a purs0n wh0 tink sheh iz ah Wirt 0n tumbler n' shite. We ( im literally laughing while im typing this lol ) Praiz dezz photots of deiz purs0n ( We're nut hatin' dis mens we appreciate ur alimighty cosplayierng 0f 0ur g0d wirjtskl )
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dis periuson

k nao we gu tu da thingefs r doin der

You need ta du da lickin' of the cucumber and w0tch OTGW 5 times then c0me back n' learn the Way of the Wirt from the vegetable people in the Forth Era of Skyrim den c0me back n' learn da Gregness of Greg den c0me back n' join.
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