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"It Takes More Than A Crown

For A Canine To Earn



Credit: No Artist Was Given

The Imperial Kingdom's Pledge

"As a member of my kingdom, I will fight for our rights, I will stand up with all my might, I have no fears, I have no frights, As to my kingdom I am a knight. I will cry, I die, I will not lie. I will love my king and queen. But I pledge my loyalty. As a knight of our kingdom. I will not become a traitor, For I will savor my kingdom."


In a town near the mountains. An assembly of sled dogs were waiting patiently for their sled director to return with the medicines to deliver to a far away town. The lead dog, Scythe perpendicularly stood as well as the assembly of dogs behind him. As the door impulsively opened Scythes' ears flicked up as he stood with intelligence. The human carrying corpulent crates of medicine setting them down on the lifter. The human standing on the rear end of the sled as he grabbed the rope shaking it up then whipping down spontaneously as the dogs abrupted into sprinting away among the snow.

Scythe spreading his legs into accelerating his paws dropping into the snow, As the dogs followed behind. The sled on the snow, Being dragged by the dogs. Soon as they reached the mountains, The most insecure area, Where many sled dogs have died according to many pup-tales. Scythe getting exceedingly enervated. Leisurely slowing down. His jowls parting as his tongue hung out heavily breathing with each following stride. As they reached the hard rocks, He felt his heart beating faster with each stride. Until, He collapsed to the ground..

The dogs behind whimpering as they fell to the rocks the blizzard causing mass coldness. The human hitting his head among the rocks as a loud crack overcame the mountains as he fell brain-dead. Every dog gathering around him sniffing to find out if he was okay. As one dog cried out " He's dead!" All dogs began wimpering as Scythe then stepped forward. "We mustn't stay here my fellow dogs, a place up in the mountains that will do as a temporary base." As Scythe instructed the dogs to follow them into the mysterious and deadly mountains.

His eyes drifting spontaneously side to side incase of danger. As they came into a clear trail like area covered with sheets of snow. Scythe about to speak as he was stopped. Five dogs spontaneously jumped out snarling with remonstrance over the dogs. One tyrannical dog stepping forward more proficiently as the dogs emerged backwards into a leaping position. The dog looking down at Scythe with a transmogrification in his eyes then speaking, "Identify yourselves." Scythe barking without hesitation, "Who do you think you are telling us to identify ourselves?" One of the fellow dogs whispering to Scythe, "You're going to get us killed shut your mouth."

The nemesis dog chuckling, "Pretty courageous of you I must say." Before Scythe was about to smile he was cut off once again with a snap from the other dog, "But I'll have you know this is The Imperial Kingdom's territory, You're trespassing as trespassing on the boarders violates the code of the kingdom." The dog beside Scythe explaining towards the dog, "Our sincere apologize.. I'll explain what happened and why we're here.. " The wolves looking down, "Go on then." She then spoke, " Well.. You see sir.. We were suppose to deliver medicines to another town.. But our sled crashed.. And killed our human, We're left here with just us dogs.. We could use any help that we can get.. s..sir.."

The dog looking down, "I'll bring you back to our Kingdom. You will see our queen, Sardonyx. And as we go there, I will explain what our kingdom is about." All the dogs began wagging their tails slowly and steadily. The dog ordering the dogs, "Everyone else stay here and begin guarding the boarders. Make sure to strengthen the scent as well." The four remaining wolves split up to patrol as the dogs followed the dog back to the kingdom. "You see, Our kingdom is made out of dogs. We do take in rogues if they're proven to be worthy. The code of the kingdom if incredibly important, If you break it there will be severe consequences." He was shortly said.

"Ah, yes. We have arrived." As he pushed aside the vines in the entrance revealing the luminous and myriad amount of canines among the campgrounds. They heard the dog bark out, "Fetch Sardonyx and let her know we have rogues to take in." Dogs sprinting north as they entered a cave. Momentarily an immense yet Tyrannical female Doberman stepped out intelligently walking. As she walked the wolves bent down into a bow, As the wolf spoke. "Sardonyx, I've brought some rogues as recruits to join the kingdom.

"Indeed we will let them into the kingdom. Please go and review everything with them." The wolf spoke, "Already have my queen, They just need a tour and the Kingdoms' code." Sardonyx padded forth. That can easily be taken care of. As she bent down her nose compressing against the she-dog's forehead as she spoke, "I welcome you, as a knight of our Kingdom. May you remain loyal and review our pledge." The canines began shouting




Founded 8/13/16


Orientation Neutral
Queen/King Sardonyx/Communicating
Recruiting No
Tag Color Gold
Status Postponed
Roleplay Type

Advanced & Traditional

Religion TBA



Unknown Blood

Scratched scar cutie mark by darkbellnight-d6smf4x

The legend of the kingdom has it, Every 100 years a dog is born with special blood in it's veins. This blood was known to either bring peace or destruction to the kingdom. The dog would be born with exactly three scars on it's paw pads. It'd show signs of whether peace or destruction would be coming to the kingdom. If destruction was arriving towards the kingdom the dog would be sacrificed for the kingdom's safety. The dog would show their emotions as corrupted, Blood thirsty, and planning schemes behind the kingdom's back.

Brother's In Flight

This traditional goes back to the very first kingdom dogs These dogs were the pets of once the lost ancestors. They've still not been found to this day, But these dogs were ordered by their ancestors to catch their first avian kill. Ordered to kill them with respect, so that these dogs could use their wings in the afterlife. The dogs would have to wear their avian kills' feathers throughout their life. If the dog dies without it's brother in flights' feathers, they would be trapped in the ground in the afterlife. Royal dogs would wear the feathers' of some of the most majestic and beautiful birds. Legend has it the very first king and queen wore the feathers of peacocks and blue jays.

Credit to Triple of doom