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Welcome To The Pack of Murky Swamps. Ready To Get Your Paws Dirty?

General Information~ Edit

Tags: Green

Badge: Optional

Recruiting?: Yes

Accepting Alliances?: Yes

Realm: Neutral

Founded: 3/2/16

Member Count: 3

Theme Song: Steal The Show - Ricky Dillon + Trevor Moran

Species: Felines and Canines {Preferably Felines}

Other Wiki Pages?: One On Animal Jam Clans Wikia

Glossary~ Edit

Here in The Pack of Murky Swamps, we use terms you may not know. To make sure you don't get confused, here are some of the terms! {Rank Terms in Rank Section}

POMS - The abbreviation used for The Pack of Murky Swamps

The Realms of Mortality - Our Religion. We look up to the Feline and Canine forms.

Upwalkers - Twolegs. Humans. Odd because they walk up, and are often made fun of, by standing on your back legs and walking around.

Swamps - The Swamps is our favorite hunting area. It is the bond of our being. In The Swamps, the Circle of Stones is sacred.

Marshes - The Marshes is another part of our territory. To some, it may be a forest, but it is wetter for us, making it a marsh.

Rankings In The Pack~ Edit

Note: These are Greek words. These are Ranked from highest to lowest. Also Note, everything in this {}, is how many there can be. {++} means unlimited.

Alpha {1}- The leader of the pack. They are to be respected. They receive 4 lives, one from each of the figureheads in The Realms of Mortality. They make the most important decisions and run the Pack. They choose the Betas.

Beta {2}- Second in command. Each chosen by the Alpha. When the Alpha dies, the Pack will vote for a Beta to become the new Alpha, and the losing Beta, will keep the Beta position.

Gamma {2}- Third in command. They heal the Pack and speak to The Realms of Mortality. They deal with herbs. The Gamma must agree on someone to become an apprentice Gamma.

Delta {3}- Delta are the Advisers and Battle Strategists. They usually teach and set up raids, with Alpha's permission. They advise the Alpha, and stand in when the Beta is gone. This is very high ranking.

Epsilon {4}- Epsilon are elites of the Pack. They can hunt, and fight, and are very important in Battle. In battle or war, at least 2 Epsilon are expected to be with the Alpha, protecting and attacking with the Alpha.

Zeta {++}- In POMS we respect our Elders highly. These brave Felines and Canines have spent their lives working for us, and deserve respect now.

Theta {++}- Theta are mainly warriors, who train for battle, and patrol and protect our boundaries. If there is a shortage of prey or a shortage of Lambda, they will be expected to hunt as well.

Lambda {++}- Lambda are mainly Hunters, who train to hunt, and participate on Bounty Night. If there is a battle or war, they will be expected to fight, the smaller and weaker enemies, with their hunting techniques.

Sigma {1-5}- Sigma are the main Mentors. They teach special classes, and teach the Upsilon, almost as much as the normal Sigma teach Upsilon.

Upsilon {++}- Upsilon are apprentices. They are taught in the way of the Theta, Lambda, and with Sigma, they take special Epsilon and Delta classes as well. At the end of their apprenticing, they will be given a test and placed in Theta or Lambda, and over time, can become Sigma, Epsilon or Delta.

Phi {++}- Phi are the mothers of the group. They have Chi, and care for all the young ones in the Pack. A permanent Phi, is someone who may have already had multiple Chi, but chooses to care for all Chi and Phi in the Pack.

Psi {++}- Psi are pretty low-ranking. They are the Canines and Felines that have been seriously injured, and unable to do Theta or Lambda duties. Instead of becoming Zeta, they choose to be Psi, who help everyone out. They collect Herbs, collect left Prey, care for Chi, and help make and repair dens and nests.

Chi {++}- Chi are the pups and kits of the Pack. They spend their days happy and carefree, dreaming of what rank they will be in the future.

Omega {1-3}- Omegas are the lowest rank. They are not to be treated too harshly, but serve as a reminder for breaking the rules. Omegas can earn their rank back, by doing what the Alpha says. Only some Omegas are permanent.

Allegiances~ Edit

Alpha Edit

Name Username Lives Species Gender Apprentice
Ibara Papesx 4/4 Feline Female N/A

Beta Edit

Name Username Species Gender Apprentice

Gamma Edit

Name Username Species Gender Apprentice

Delta Edit

Name Username Species Gender Apprentice

Epsilon Edit

Name Username Species Gender Apprentice

Zeta Edit

Name Username Species Gender Apprentice

Theta Edit

Name Username Species Gender Apprentice
Sparrow Elmtoadlilly Feline Male N/A

Lambda Edit

Name Username Species Gender Apprentice
Oak supmanimjustbored Feline Female N/A

Sigma Edit

Classes Name Username Species Gender
Raiding Ibara Papesx Feline Female
Technique N/A

Upsilon Edit

Name Username Species Gender Mentor

Phi Edit

Name Username Species Gender Kits

Psi Edit

Name Username Species Gender Apprentice

Chi Edit

Name Username Species Gender Mother

Omega Edit

Name Username Species Gender Crime

Rules~ Edit

Alphas Word Is Law

Respect the Alpha above all else. Always do what the Alpha says. They became Alpha for a reason.

No Doublepacking

This includes clans and tribes too. Your loyalty must stay to your pack. If there is something you don't like, tell us! Don't keep quiet.

No Anatomy or Latin

Our ranks are in Greek. So what? It's fun. You know what's not fun? Having to roleplay with people using fake words. Majority of Anat and Latin is fake, do not use it. Advanced Vocab is allowed in battles only.

Mating Rules

The only rule I have for mating, is Canines and Felines cannot be mates. Other than that, relationships are fine. Anyone who is or has an OC that is gay, bi, etc. is welcome, we do not judge. Girl x girl and guy x guy couples cannot have Chi, but can adopt Chi.

Have Common Sense

This includes:

  • No Attacking Fellow Pack Members
  • Do Not Antagonize Allies or Enemies
  • Do Not Rank Yourself Up
  • Do Not Lie
  • Do Not Cause Unnecessary Drama
  • And More

Joining~ Edit

Wish to join? Remember to follow the rules!

Dress Code

We take our dress code seriously. We do not want to look like fools.

Head- Skull Helmets, Certain Types of Fox Hats, Nothing.

Neck- Spikes, Jamaaliday Scarves, Leaf Necklaces, Pinecone Necklaces.

Back- Spartan Armor, Elf Armor, Pirate Sword, Jamaaliday Bow, Nothing.

Legs- Leaf Armor, Elf Bracelet, Leg Armor (Depends On Color), Gloves.

Tail- Certain Types of Elf Tail Armor, Check With The Alpha, Nothing.

Have at least a Neck and Leg item please! If you want to add an item, comment below.

Pelts and Eyes
Pelts- See Picture ---->
Pelt colors

These Are The Available Pelt Colors

Eyes- Any color but Pink. White is only for blind people.


Chi- Bunnies

Upsilon- Foxes (Wolves for NMs)

Everything Else- Wolf

The Joining Form

Please fill this out and post it in the comments below. You will be tested to join unless you choose Upsilon or Chi. Do not ask to be an Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon or a Gamma. Gamma will be tested, everything else will be earned. Only One Word Names Are Allowed.

OC Name:

AJ Username:



Why You Wish To Join:

Past Groups:

Preferred Rank:

Roleplay Example:

Here is an Example:

OC Name: Skia (Shade)

AJ Username: Antonyms

Species: Feline

Gender: Female

Why You Wish To Join: This Pack looks very Organized and sounds fun!

Past Groups: {Too many to list tbh..}

Preferred Rank: Lambda

Roleplay Example: :: the shecat leapt into the air, aiming on the mouse in front of her, and landed neatly on top of it, crushing and killing it immediately ::

Relations To Other Groups~ Edit

We accept Alliances from Clans, Packs and Tribes, no matter what realm.







The Alliance Form

Group Name (with link to any wikia):



Leader's Username:


Why you wish to ally:

No forms for becoming enemies!

Bonus Stuff Edit

Quotes Edit

"When I open my eyes and see the swamp, I truly feel at home." - Ibara 3/2/16

Mates Edit

Oak X Sparrow = Spoak

Page Editors Edit

Papesx - Ibara - Alpha of POMS

Understand Antonyms - Skia - Creator and Manager (but not in) of POMS