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~~ I N T R O D U C T I O N ~~

You hauled yourself throughout the dark, foggy forest.. Excruciating pain coursed through your paws, grogginess clearly visible in your distressed expression. You heaved a deep, stressed, sigh as you gazed around, the overwhelming feeling of hunger overcoming you. A plump, alabaster rabbit came into view, giving you the well needed spark of hope to pull through. You ascended into the air, adrenaline pumping through your veins as you rammed the miniscule creature into the earth. Your jagged fangs sank into it's vulnerable neck, killing it in one swift, powerful bite. You settled onto the ground, tearing away flesh as if you hadn't eaten in weeks.


The alarming sound of leaves being smashed under paws gave you an unsettling feeling. Was someone there? The chilling thought scared you, but you shifted, trying to seem confident. No, I'm all alone. You attempted to reassure yourself, but with no prevail. Your senses sharpened, being able to hear even crickets performing their nighttime melodies, which made the scenery even more haunting to you. A soft alabaster glow was barely visible through the bushes, unsettling you even more. Slowly, an atrocious, achromic and celadon feminine canine emerged from the shrubs, it's citron glare boring down onto you.

You leapt onto your paws, straightening your posture, seeming confident as you bared your sharpened fangs at the daunting stranger. She growled lowly, stalking towards you, her gaze only to be described as malevolent as her focus switched towards your proudly earned prey. Her head snapped up towards you as she crouched down, her eyes never moving from yours. She surged into the air, slamming you into the earthy terrain. You yowled in pure surprise, writhing in distress under her insanely strong grasp.

"What a poor, unfortunate soul you are, falling into my trap..." She growled, her calm voice intensely unsettling. Your hindlegs collided with her abdomen, sending her flying towards the dirt. You leapt up, taking advantage of her vulnerability and darting away as fast as you possibly could.

You settled on your haunches in a different area, surrounded by thorns and briers. You had luckily managed to get in the clearing without getting repeatedly pricked by the sharp thorn needles. You lapped at your wounds, trying to clean the now dried blood off. The damages done to you thankfully were minor, and you didn't have to worry about anything too major. A soft, calming voice echoed from outside of the bushes.

"Hello, my dear..."

"Are you that barbaric hound from earlier?" You snapped, leaping up in alarm. You could hear a soft giggle from the boundary of the clearing, yet you couldn't figure out which direction it was from.

"You're quite... Attractive, when you're angry..."

You glared around, alarmed by the sudden flirtatious remark. Who was this? The question scared you, but you tried to give off only confidence, attempting to mask your fear with an expression filled with pride. "Reveal yourself!" You snapped, glaring around. A lithe, roseate and ecru, alluring canine emerged from the brier.

She smirked at your shocked expression. "Were you not expecting me? I may not look very daunting, but I can put up quite a fight..." Her calm, amused expression annoyed you, and you hated that this she-devil effected you like this.

"Who are you?" You snarled, giving her a glare filled with only pure hatred.

"If you must know, I am Amorette..." You blinked, staring at her. Amorette? Doesn't that mean love...?

"Well, Amorette, leave now."

"Leave? But I'm having so much fun..." She slowly circled you, her lips spread into an amused smirk. She then suddenly skidded to a stop, her amused expression slowly twisting into a terrifying, twisted grin. She darted towards you with an extraordinary speed, slamming you into the ground before you could even react. She snapped at you, revealing her monstrous, jagged teeth. "Sweetheart, you shouldn't have messed with me..." You yelped, sinking your fangs into her forehead, dragging them down to her snout. She shrieked in pain, stumbling away from you.

Even with the atrocious wound, she still somehow seemed attractive. You shook the thought away, turning around as quickly as you could and sprinting away. Adrenaline carried you on, bringing you towards a colossal oak tree. A safe haven. You thought, relieved, as you rested against the tree, closing your weary eyes.

Unfortunately, you still weren't alone. You heard rustling in the bushes, you leaped up in response, backing away, glaring around. You were rammed into the dirt, screeching in pain. An atrocious, obsidian feminine canine with an insanely muscular build was standing above you. They snarled in your face, their crimson eyes glaring down at you with pure hatred.

"I see you've bothered my siblings...?" Oh, no... This hound was monstrous, much more daunting than her supposed siblings. You squirmed, yelping in shock. You growled, coming to your senses quickly. Don't show her your weakness, if you do, she'll kill you. You snarled at her, lifting your paw and cleaving it across her face, dragging it over her eye. She howled in pain, lacerating your ear and stumbling away, yelping in pain. You leapt up, darting away as quick as you could, trying your hardest to ignore the wound inflicted upon you.

Two alabaster wolves, one masculine and the other feminine, sauntered towards you. They were having an inaudible conversation. You knew at once you had to get away as quickly as possible. You leaped up and sprinted away as fast as you possibly could. You knew that the pair of belligerent canines were right at your heels, but that didn't stop you from sprinting away.

~~ U N F I N I S H E D ~~


My Fury Will Come Upon This Impure World Like A Tidal Wave, You Shall Never Expect It...

Celtic wolf tattoo by dragonoir-d4r5t4b
Celtic wolf tattoo by dragonoir-d4r5t4b
Name Andromeda
Appearance Ruffled, Atramentous Pelage With A Cerise

Underbelly And Achromic Swirls Lining

Her Pelt, Similar To Her Siblings.

Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Sin Wrath
Realm Chaotic Dark

They Say Beauty Is Pain, Yet I've Achieved It While Causing Pain To Others...

Name Adrienne
Appearance Silky, Sleek Alabaster Fur With

An Alluring, Cerulean Underbelly

And Mesmerizing, Azure Eyes

That Perfect Her Celestial


Gender Female
Sexuality Pansexual
Sin Pride
Realm Chaotic Dark

Love Is Something To Be Cherished, Yet I Do Not Treasure It, So I Use It...

A wolf tribal tattoo by greeneco94 d5o456u by protectorshade-d773gzo
A wolf tribal tattoo by greeneco94 d5o456u by protectorshade-d773gzo
Name Amorette
Appearance An Alluring, Roseate And

Ecru Hued Feminine Hound

With Mesmerizing, Cardinal

Eyes That Have The Power

To Put A Wolf Into A Trance.

<Gender Female
<Sin <Lust
Sexuality Pansexual
<Realm Chaotic Dark

What I Want Is What I Get, No One Can Stop Me...

Name Dionysus
Appearance A Leviathan, Achromic

And Canary Masculine

Canine With Chilling,

Xanthous Hued Eyes

That Help Him Get Exactly

What He Pleases.

Gender Male
Sin Gluttony
Sexuality Straight
Realm Chaotic Dark