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Welcome to The Three Dimensions. We shall introduce you to the Dimensions you seek.
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The Gaming Dimension holds all existing gaming figures such as the bold Spyro, or the majestic and malevolent Alduin. This Dimension is currently being lead by Ulfric Stormcloak himself for he is High King of GD and Skyrim. In EVERY Dimension has a Spawn Room, also known as the " Teaching Room " or " Rule Room ". Waka or Tao Master Waka teaches the new comers of the Dimension about the rules ( and the rules are the same as the Cartoon Dimension )
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After learning the Rules of the Dimensions the figures get transferred to the Hold Room. This is where the figure or figures wait for their land to be made or their first episode to air or when their game is first played etc etc. A Land is a circular home that is similar to the world that particular figure is in. For Example: Gravity Falls takes place in that one certain place, so that place is made into a massive circle. If a land is way to big to be circular then the portal is added with a large fence around it ( The fence is also around the lands ) At the entrance we see the Gate that, in order to enter must have a code that the owner or main character of that land must know, after the code must be a face detector, after the face detector is a fingerprint scan. Once your done with that you may enter. If you are a visitor you must have a permission slip the little computer must scan in order to enter. Anyway, back to the portal, if your world is based off of the universe itself then its a automatic portal, or even the whole sea. ( Flapjacks has this, so anything sorta like the show has a portal ) Once the figure has done his first episode, playthrough etc, He she can enjoy a stay at his or her land for as long as they want. For Gaming Dimensional figures, they can be at home forever, but for Cartoon Dimensional figures they have to be at work, meaning they have to be at their " Show Base " until they are done with their episode. The Gaming Dimension was almost in turmoil when Waka took in all the toons for a hiding spot during this age called " Age of the Trio " While the CD was already in tyranny control. The GD, after the age was known for its generosity and braveness.
This is the most busiest Dimension due to the numerous toons working on episodes, movies, or things that the creators of the toon are intending to put them into. The CD is where the " Age of the Trio " begins, which is what I will explain later. The CD's authorities are The Council which the main leader is Mickey Mouse, with his employes: The Animaniacs, who are the deputy of the CD ( Mickey thought there cleverness would be perfect ), Jordan Von Strangle, the war commander of the CD ( only active when an attack is upon the CD ), and Judy Hopps, who is secretary. One day, the reason why " Age of the Trio " happened was when Oswald, Big half brother of Mickey had a nightmarish argument with him saying that he, Oswald will take over the 2 Dimensions himself and rule a new order that all toons, including the forgotten will be in peace, one better than Mickey's order. But knowing the tyranny Oswald can erupt, Mickey stood forward and banished him from the CD, but before the guards could get him Oswald ran away, only to create a rebellion against him. Thats when the age happened which will be explained later on. The Spawn Room teacher is Professor Frink which the toons have a hard time understanding at times and tend to zone out. But while toons carry n' go there are these places ( in which EVERY Dimension has ) are the Shopping Centers. These are in random areas of each Dimension and are in circular platforms. Each store or restaurant are:
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The Internet Dimension is one out of three of the Dimensions never mentioned because of how dangerous it is. Toons and Figures can get lost instantly in there or get wiped out by the Virus, a highly fatal glitchy beast that if touched will be dead in a instant or become one with them. Toons and Figures at immortal but this is the only thing to ever kill them. The Council is the only one to know the Dimension while Mickey Mouse is very fond of one of the Internet Dimensional figures, Wirt-sama. A Cartoon Characterus Intermonus ( a OC with the model of a toon ) He is trusted by Mickey, but is never mentioned amongst the rest. Nobody leads the Dimension and aren't very busy and crowded like the CD or the GD because of the high risk of Virus. The only known toons to ever be in the Dimension are the ones Wirt-sama had to mentor. According to Mickey, he sent three toons to be mentored by Wirt-sama which was before Oswald went co-co. This was during the Age of the Trio. This is a accurate figure of the Virus. It has no real form whatsoever
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Age of the Trio can be also found on the page Wirt-sama but that is only the earliest version of it, meaning it was incorrect or misunderstood by many. Here is the official version of it. Long ago in the CD, Oswald had a raging argument with Mickey, only to run away and create a rebellion against the 2 major Dimensions. But while he stirs in the unknown wake, a young, pulchritudinous teen who had antlers and beautiful eyes of four colors patrolled his land known as the Unknown. Now has you may have already guessed, this is Wirt, Beast Wirt to be exact. How he obtained this form was simply by falling into the claws of the Beast himself, only to lose his half brother, where his soul rests in a lantern and if he wants Greg's soul alive, he must keep it lit or else he dies, and so will Wirt. The Beast lended his spirit to the young boy and withered away. Beast Wirt conveyed across his land until he halted before the entrance of Pottsfield where he saw a youngling, shrouded with leaves, long golden hair and a mysterious right arm, mechanical and grey. Further investigation, Beast Wirt found out that the little bundle was the legendary toon, Finn but looked different from what he was originally. Wirt fatherly cradled the weakened toon and took him to a secluded cabin Beast Wirt called home, only to lay Ice Finn onto his withered couch and nurture him as best as he can. Once the blonde male was strong enough to speak a word, Beast Wirt asked him many questions, " How did you get here? How did you get past the security? Why are you here " etc etc. None of which Ice Finn could explain for he doesn't know how. All he remembered was doing his daily patrolling in his Ice Kingdom and suddenly passed out. Nobody to this day really knows what happened to him during this time but the accurate reasoning for this was that he might've been tired, explains the darkening under his pure eyes. Ice Finn slept through the days and nights, and only got up to eat while Beast Wirt would always try and make him get out of his little cabin, but always does he slumber on his couch. One day, about a month or two after the appearance of Ice Finn was the day the malevolent and adored demon came into view of Wirt's sight. Enraged, Beast Wirt lunged at the demon but realized that the demon possessed the youngling Dipper and asked about it. Same questions but one about how Bill, the triangular little yellow shit wanna be illuminate fook possessed his friend. Bill or now Bipper told Beast Wirt that after Gravity Falls ended, he was released from his little prison but only to find out that all his powers where gone. He without no choice struggled towards the Council and asked for assistance. Knowing that Bill wouldn't really heal himself, the Council allowed a vessel, so Bill can heal in peace while possessing a host body. The oh so eager Bill raced back to land and tricked Dipper in order to take over and use Dipper's body as a vessel so he can recover. Beast Wirt getting these answers of " I was just wondering around and found myself in your land " or " I'm not sure Beast boy ", Really ticked Wirt off and soon kicked Bipper out. But this wont be the last of Bipper for he appeared when the two lads ventured out into the Shopping Centers. No one knows for sure what Beast Wirt intended to achieve at the Wall o' Carts but with Ice Finn on his shoulders, The market was attacked by unknown figures. Shrouded in blackness and leaving a trail of mist in their wake, the figures lunged at everything in sight and by everything they even attacked food, drinks, toys, and toons in general. Ice Finn, with the power of the mystic snow n' frost tackled the figures but only got tangled up in squashes and tomatoes after being flung away. Once it was time for Beast Wirt to make a move the same little nigga that intruded the Unknown blocked Wirt's move and catapulted at the figures with all his might, only to conjure a small flame it licked at the figures and both ran away, afraid of light. Beast Wirt freed Ice Finn and found Bipper in his view once more, his quadruple colored eyes stared viciously at the demon possessed body, but took a soft approach and thanked the lad for helping out. After that the Wall o' Carts was in major construction. So now Beast Wirt, Bipper who just hangs with them, and Ice Finn who relies on Wirt most of the time are more aware of their surroundings as of millions of toons are. Mickey Mouse warned his people about the rising of Oswald and that most stores and shops will be closed before the middle of the day to prevent any more chaos like last time. Many were upset of this and dont have the time to be in the mornings for they have shows to air. While everything gets complicated, Mickey found out a prophecy about three toons. Now prophecies are very classic and now are old but common' its a good one. Mickey looked for a trio with a strong bond and soon found out, of rumors that a trio always seemed to stick together. Now with this in mind Mickey thought of the Animaniacs but no, It couldn't be, so he tried to contact the trio and told them to go to Headquarters. Beast Wirt, Ice Finn, and Bipper all three spoke with Mickey for they were to go on a secret mission, a mission so secret they have to go to the unspoken Internet Dimension to be mentored by Wirt-sama, as the prophecy foretold, the trio must go through many tests and to be mentored by a expert of magic, battle, and brotherhood. Wirt-sama would be perfect, thought Mickey for Wirt-sama is the God of Brotherhood teaching the trio the basics of Brotherhood and cooperation. Later that day, the three lads ventured off at night and took a secret passage way to the ID. Once there they met the young and virile god dubbed Wirt-sama, beautiful appearance and a flower of flow in his wake, He seemed to adore the trio at first sight and carefully guided them across the terrain, avoiding any strangers so they dont risk Viruses. Once in Wirt-sama's land, the optimistic divine hugged the trio and smothered them in brotherly affection ( Very affectionate is he ) So after the day they came they rested a while before a long 6 hours of training, Wirt-sama knew what they are capable of so they were tested to their limits. After a month or so the three lads were sent back to their Dimension only to find a corrupt, red sky, thunderous clouds, and evil scenery before them. Knowing what this means they hurried off towards the Council Headquarters but found the very tyrant Mickey warned them about, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit sat at the throne of the Council Leader and instantly sent them away to a prison cell with all the other toons. Oswald wanted everyone to be in one place until everything is repaired in his style. But the prison cells worried everyone as they were forced by the shrouded figures into three divisions: The Normal Division, where the less dangerous are placed, The Medium Division, where the not so peaceful yet not so dangerous rest, and the Dangerous Division, where the most fearsome creatures stay. Beast Wirt and his two comrades rested in the Normal Division because Oswald wasn't acknowledged by their godly strength that they wield. Ice Finn, being the most slick and fearsome of the trio easily escaped and attack almost every evil figure until he got to Beast Wirt's cell. He did indeed both struggled forth to open Bipper's cell but was halted by Oswald himself who, with almighty strength sent them back to their cells but was placed in the Dangerous Division. Oswald soon prowled back to Bipper's cell only to discuss a alliance because of how Bill himself was probably the most strongest cartoon character to ever be created, I said probably and how Oswald would truly have a chance to rule with Bill's aid. But staying true to Mickey's order Bipper declined the offer and enraging Oswald, was sent to the Dangerous Division. After a day or two, the trio and the other toons waited in silence, until a thunderous bark erupted the skies, Gin the Akita inu from the Ginga Series appeared with millions of his comrades, the soldiers of Ohu have come to save the toons from their prison and take them into a secluded area in the untouched areas. Once arrived, they settled in the toons in their ordered spots with Gin and his son Weed to lead this big group of toons until the destruction of Oswald is done. One night while all was in slumber a white canid appeared before Ice Finn's eyes, a white wolf with pure blue eyes and a swirl of blossoms in his wake. It transformed into the homosexual little irish shite, Wirt-sama! Ice Finn hugged him and greeted him warmly as he rested on a log with him and discussed the war that has been going on currently. Wirt-sama, worried of this event that may or may not effect Ice Finn, his little bundle of chilly love dah wittle bb boi of da bbes beebs da wittle boi. He got nervous and stubborn and with his stubbornness he told Ice Finn to escape with him, away from this dangerous land and untouched by Oswald's fury. He declined this, thinking of his little family of two. Wirt-sama open-mindedly agreed to this and stayed for the night, still worried as he stayed close to his little bundle of frosty love. 0kay noa i have to hurry da fook up before eeeeeyota deletes thi