Oh how the gentle wind brushes through the white exterior of the white divine that settled on a blossom tree scattered terrain. His blue eyes, just as pure as the Prince of Ice scans the land of his comrades. He has a voluminous exterior which dances within the wind the heavens conjured. Beside him his beloved mother, Leah who is mother to thousands patrols the land with Wirt-sama. Below the divines stood a virile male, Pears a masculine brute ensconced beside his mate who was the main reason why im making this OC page. The blossoms fly, they curl into loops and twirls across the earth. Three canids watch them go pass by. But within the forest below... Spotted a lil' figure. 0men of course! He was just standing there... afk while on his unknown tabs. Laughter errupted as Wirt-sama enjoyed company of his loved ones. Of course, there are millions of others he cares for besides Pears and Leah. His fam and always

Waka, Wakatree, Crusty pizza, Wirt, & bb


43 months ( young lil chaild )


Long story short, Wirt-sama was born in the Internet Dimension as he was being decided by his creator. Soon enough his true form is a human, the same model as Cartoon Dimensional Wirt but with god like strength and powers along with a flower crown bought at Claires and a swarm of blossoms in his wake. His animal which is the canid this OC page is based off of is a white Great Plains Wolf with VERY long hair and light blue eyes. His true human form rests in his personal shrine Wāto-sama no jinja ( Wirt-sama's shrine ) But he was born under a blossom tree with his mother Leah with thousands and thousands of his siblings watching the horrid miracle happen before their sensitive eyes.
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Agender, why? cause there is more than... jk that chick ugly af. Its cause I have really no clue to why I just felt like agender idk lol


Here come that long story. Long long ago early this year, in the unspoken Internet Dimension ( and the Cartoon Dimension thought that the ID was a horrid place for such toons to wonder, due to one of them getting lost and never to return. ) a youngster was born under the blossom tree with his mother Leah cradling him, along with thousands of his siblings watching. But thats the birth of his animal form young lovelies. The REAL birth of the TRUE Wirt-sama started when he was first created into the Internet Dimension and was dubbed an OC. There he waited for his land to be made, which consists of blossom trees, large ass mountains, japanese etc etc
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. The God of Brotherhood made his shrine in the middle of his land and called it home. With him settled, Wirt-sama fulfilled his duty as Activity Monitor on the OTGW wiki with the agreement of Bemore, an administrator. Later in the years when the " Age of the Trio " was happening The Council consisting of three major superior wolves dubbed Mul, Aan, and Zeymah who controls the peace of the Cartoon Dimension sent three lil lads to the Internet Dimension to be mentored by the God of Brotherhood himself. Wirt-sama trained them and months later, sent them back into the CD when they soon found out a very old and mistreated toon got furious with his half brother and started to create an army of rebels to take over the CD including the Gaming Dimension as well. But as Wirt-sama started to worry for one of the trio lads, he sent that one beloved toon to Ulfric's protection ( Ulfric in the Dimensional World is the High King of the GD and of course Skyrim ) but the lil lad himself was angry and worried about his other two comrades and decided to leave with a Solitude horse as his transportation. But a troll stumbled by, able to escape but with one leg ravaged he still went forth, thinking of all the chaos the rebel toon caused. Tired, the lil lad stumbled to the ground, the horse collasped in thirst, the prince knew he was about to die alone until Wirt-sama appeared, the seductive scent of cinnamon filled the lil lad's nostrils and was soon brought to his feet ( of course by the help of Wirt-sama ) and limped their way to the event that made the skies thunderous and red, the land filled with filth and war
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. Wirt-sama, seeing the toons fighting their enemy including some of the GD figures he was too worried for his beloved lad, but seeing him able to escape the safety of Ulfric's watch, Wirt-sama held him close. A cackle of a villainous toon erupted the skies, all look up to see the tyrant in front of them. Angry growls and screams echo with misery and exhaustion. While the war continues the lil lad finds his two comrades once more, with a group of the Ginga dogs on the field. Wirt-sama followed the trio into the domain of the evil toon, soon to skyrocket into a furious battle. One comrade, with the powers of the earthen structure and nature, used many of his attacks, a sharp branch struck at the tyrant's ear, slicing it off. The second one has the powers of total destruction, and as a demon possessed his original rival's body to regenerate his long taken powers for the demon's physical form was too weak to walk upon the dimension's earth. The demon ravaged the toon's bodice extremely with blue flames licking at the other ear which was torn out as well. Nao the lil lad's turn was next, for he yield the strength of the ice, a thunderous blizzard erupted his hands as it catapults for the villain.
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The toon, now decaying beneath the glaring eyes of the trio has given up... until a unexpected turn happened when the weakened adversary grabbed the demon and threw him off the domain's mountain ( He's fine he found his way back to his two lads ). Three shrieks of horror promoted as blood boiled and mauled the tyrant's body till its just bones n' fat. His heart was left, but his half brother held it close. After months of repairing the CD the Dimension was back to normal. All was good, the lad with the nature strength found true love back in his land, the demon was forced to return the body to its rightful owner, but his powers were back and felt alive, being in his true form once more. The lil lad was left with his land not being watched over, his icy throne was empty, his snowy kingdom unprotected. He went back and patrolled it, until Wirt-sama visited him, hanging out until he finally said his feelings to the lil lad. His pure eyes meet the god's steady gaze, filled with love and trust, teh prince fell into his arms. That was basically the happy ever after. I guess Bad Ends can turn out to be Good Ends with a lil effort.
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Ushiwaka's Dance


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Pears bb
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